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VisaMaster CardGreat Hobbies accepts both Visa and Master Card as a method of payment. There is no surcharge for this service. When giving your card number, please be sure you supply all of the digits in the number as they appear on the card and also the expiry date. If any of either number is missing, we will be unable to process your order. All credit card orders will be authorized through the issuing financial institution. Your card will be billed in Canadian dollars and your issuing institution will make any necessary currency conversions.

For all first-time orders, shipments can only be made to the billing address of the credit card being used. If there is to be an exception to this, you will have to inform your credit card company of the address the shipment will be going to so they will approve the transaction. Otherwise, we will not be able to process your order.

Please Note: We do not charge your credit card until your order is invoiced and ready to ship.


PayPal payments are available during checkout.

PayPal payments are accepted during the checkout for both Shipping and Store Pickup orders. Visa and MasterCard can be used through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. For phone orders, please send your payment to and we will manually add the funds to your account during regular business hours Monday - Friday AST


One of the easiest ways to make payment for an order is by Email Money Transfer. If you wish to pay by this method, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete your order via our website, email, telephone, fax or mail. Be sure your order includes your complete name, shipping address, email, and contact phone number.

  2. Once your order has been placed, Great Hobbies will contact you with the total of your order, including any applicable taxes and shipping charges. We will hold your order for 3 business days for the transfer, so please call back if you have any problems.

  3. Go to your own online personal banking web site, and follow the instructions to complete an email money transfer for the total amount for your order. The email address for transfers made to Great Hobbies is You will be asked to create a security question and answer. Please include your order number or customer number as the memo to the recipient of the transfer.

  4. Send a separate email to to indicate you have made the transfer and the answer to your security question.

  5. Stock orders will be shipped the business day following receipt of the funds. Orders containing non-stock items will be shipped as one parcel as soon as all items are available, unless otherwise specified, and additional funds for extra shipping were transferred.

If the funds are not received within 3 business days from the time the total required was sent to you, all goods being held for the order will be released and the order will be cancelled.


Great Hobbies no longer ships parcels COD. All orders must be prepaid by the previous methods discussed.


Orders which are mailed in may include prepayment in the form of money order or cheque. Please note that if the cheque is not certified, there may be a three week delay in processing your order to allow for the cheque to clear. Customers whose cheques are returned to us because of insufficient funds (NSF) will be charged $40.00 processing in addition to the amount of the cheque.

Please be sure your prepayment is sufficient to cover the entire cost of the order including merchandise, shipping charges and all applicable taxes. If your payment is short, your order may be returned with an accurate quote of the cost involved or we may only send a partial shipment to the value of the amount tendered. We will attempt to reach you by phone should we run into such a problem. Please be sure your phone number is included with the order. Again, please be advised that our prices may change over a period of time and we will only sell product at the price current at the time of receipt of the order.

At your request, we will issue a refund cheque for any outstanding credit on your account generated by an overpayment by cheque or money order. If your order was paid by credit card and, for whatever reason, a credit is due to you, the reimbursement will be applied to the credit card. Due to processing costs involved, we ask that you do not request a refund for any amount under $5.00. Any such credits will remain on your account and may be used towards a future purchase.

Open Account

We do not handle open account shipments. All orders must be prepaid by the previous methods discussed. Any order received without either prepayment or credit card information will be cancelled.