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And, it's back for good! This sale is different than the blue dot clearance. Products selected for the overstock sale are things that we need to move to make room on the shelves. These are not discontinued or old stock. There are just too many of them on the shelf, so we're clearing them out at great savings! When an overstock item sells out, it is still available for order at our regular price.

Things you need to know about the Overstock Sale:

· Overstock isn't everywhere — it is very specific to location
· New items are added on a regular basis so check back often
· There is no price matching on overstock items.
· The overstock sale price is only available at the location where it sits.
· Store locations do not ship.
· The sale price is valid only on overstock quantities. Once the excess inventory is sold, the sale price is gone. (Example: there are 6 units on the shelf where there should only 2 units. The sale price applies until 4 units are sold from that location)
· Items in the warehouse are available for shipping to your door or pickup at the warehouse. The option to pick up a warehouse order in a retail location is no longer available. (See more on selecting your location)
· Sales are final, there are no returns.

*Clearance discount varies as deepest discounted products sell out.

  • Items located in stores are not available for mail order. Local pickup only.
  • All sales are final.

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