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The product information page for each item on our site shows a colored status dot for either on-line stock or in-store stock. Click either choice, and the stock status and quantity for each location will be shown.

Normally Stocked Items   

All items marked with the above color icons are the products we normally stock. These items are replenished as needed and we try to keep them in stock as much as possible.

  In Stock

All items with this green icon were in stock during the last upload of data to the website, and you can now see the quantity in each location at the time of the last upload, which will also be indicated. ome items sell quickly, so if you are planning on visiting one of our stores for a specific part, please contact us to hold the item so it will not sell out before you arrive.

Important:  Showing a green icon does not guarantee that the product will be available when we process your order. When you place your order in the shopping cart it does not reserve inventory at that time. Inventory is reserved when one of our operators processes your web order by entering it into our system. Depending on when you place your order, it may be several hours before your order actually gets placed in our system and the inventory is reserved. Web orders are only processed during the hours our customer service department is open. Orders are processed in the order they are received and inventory allotted accordingly.

  Normally Stocked but Currently Out

Since these items are normal stock, they will be replenished through normal orders to our suppliers. Although turnaround time may vary depending on the source of the product, most items are available through our major suppliers with which we place orders about twice weekly. This is providing our supplier has stock. We currently do not have the technical facility to display a date of arrival for the product.

  Normally Stocked but Currently Out and on Backorder with Vendor

Items marked with the orange icon are similar to those marked in amber as above with the exception that we have had confirmation that our supplier was out of stock and was not able to ship to us with our latest order. Receipt of these products will depend completely on when our supplier receives product.

  New Release, Not Yet Available

Items marked with the pink icon are new releases that we have not yet received. For the most part, these will be normal stock once product flow commences.

Clearance Items   

These are items that are currently in stock but we plan not to restock once they are sold. This may include items that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or our vendor, or products we simply choose not to carry as normal stock in the future. Quantities will be limited on these items and generally will not be able to be backordered once sold. These items cannot be returned.

Special Order Items   

Items marked with the red icon are those that we can easily obtain for you but are not normally kept as stock. Turnaround will be virtually the same as those marked with an amber icon as noted above. These are special order items and cannot be returned. Some special orders may require a deposit.

Please Note:  We reserve the right to change the status of any item at any time without notice.