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T-Craft 25

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T-Craft 25
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56 in
497 sq in
Wing Area:
40.75 in
3¾ to 4½ lbs
4-Ch, 5-Servo
.20-.32 cu in
Engine 2C:
.26-.30 cu in
Engine 4C:

  • Interlocking light balsa and ply construction
  • CAD generated plans
  • Easily accessible radio compartment
  • 3-Piece ABS cowl
  • An adjustable engine mount made of fiber-reinforced nylon
  • Generous Great Planes hardware package
  • Snappy aerobatic performance with a .20 to .30 size engine
  • Aileron servo under each wing for simple setup and no-slop control

The full-size T-Craft has served many purposes and is perhaps best known as an air show favorite. Great Planes has captured this distinctive clipped-wing stunter in a compact .20-size model that builds easily, flies just like the original and is designed to excel on smaller, low-cost engines.

 This is a High Wing, Aerobatic, Clipped-Wing T-Craft .20 Sport Model Airplane.
This kit is great for the intermediate flier who has successfully
mastered a sport low wing flying aircraft.

FEATURES: Easy-to-build, with CAD-engineered, precisely interlocking balsa and
plywood construction
Includes premium-quality hardware package
Flies well using a 2-stroke .25 or 4-stroke .26, excellent aerobatic
potential with a 2-stroke .32 or 4-stroke .30.
Designed based on a full size clipped-wing Taylorcraft aircraft of
the 1930s which was the predecessor to the classic Piper J-3 Cub
Compact size is convenient to transport and well-suited for flying
at small sites
Any modeler with intermediate building experience can enjoy this kit

INCLUDES: All wood to build the kit, full size rolled plans, photo illustrated
instruction manual w/reference plans, clear windshield, CA hinges,
engine mount, hardware package, decal sheet, 3-piece ABS cowl and
2-piece ABS wheel pants.

REQUIRES: Engine: .25-.32 (4-5.3cc)(2-stroke) or .26-.30 (4-stroke)
Radio: 4 channel w/5 servos (3 standard and 2 micro for ailerons)
Covering: approx. Two 6-foot rolls with matching paint
Misc. items: prop, 2.5" main wheels, 1" tailwheel, 6oz fuel tank,
" foam rubber, fuel tubing, aluminun spinner nut, 1/6 scale pilot,
5/32" & 3/32" wheel collars, 24" Servo lead extensions
and Y-harness, building and field equipment.

SPECS: Wingspan: 56" (1422mm)
Wing Area: 496.7 sq in (32.0 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 17.5-21.0oz/sq ft (53.5-64.2g/sq dm)
Weight: 3.75-4.5lbs (1705-2045g)
prototype weight was around 3.75lbs
Length: 40.75" (1035mm)
Airfoil: NACA 23012, semi-symmetrical
Center of Gravity: 3" Back from the Leading Edge of Wing at Fuselage
Degrees incidence:
Stabilizer: +2
Wing: +2
Engine: +3 up thrust, this is needed because the wing
and stab are at a positive angle of attack.
Control throws: High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: (EACH WAY) " (12.7mm) 5/16" (8mm)
Rudder: (EACH WAY) 1" (25.4mm) " (12.7mm)
Ailerons: (EACH WAY) 5/8" (16mm) 7/16" (11mm)

COMMENTS: The cowl will cover the range of recommended engines but the cylinder
head will protrude slightly in most cases.
The muffler will be enclosed in the cowl with a 4-stroke engine but
will protrude through the bottom of the cowl with a 2-stroke and
the cowl must be trimmed accordingly.
The firewall is indented to allow for inconspicuous mounting of
the muffler, close to the fuselage.
Pilot figure shown in the picture on the box is Not included
This airplane is not designed for electric power so there are no
instructions concerning this.
Decal sheet TYL2D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
Two 7-1/8" x 1-1/8" Red & White checkerboard stripes
6" x 1" Red & Black Great Planes logo
Two 3" x " Red & Black Great Planes logos
Two 1-5/8" x 1-3/8" Red, White & Blue Great Planes Aerobatic
Team logos
4-7/8" x 7/8" Black & White instrument panel
2" x 1-5/8" ownership tag with clear frame
RDT 04/28/00
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