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SIG Kadet LT-40 EG ARF Black/White

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SIG Kadet LT-40 EG ARF Black/White
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70 in
900 sq in
Wing Area:
14-15.5 oz/ft²
Wing Loading:
57 in
5.5-6 lbs
4 or more Channels
Radio Requirements:
4 Standard Size
Servo Requirements:
.40-.46 cu in
2-Stroke Engine Requirements:
.40-.54 cu in
4-Stroke Engine Requirements:

  • Legendary SIG KADET Flight Performance
  • Slow Flight Speed
  • Hands Off Stability
  • Easy To Fly
  • Light Wing Loading
  • The Perfect Airplane For Learning To Fly R/C!
  • Expertly Covered With UltraCote┬« (aka Oracover┬«) Covering
  • Removable Hatch Allows Easy Access to the Fuel Tank (glow power) or Battery Pack (electric power)

SIG Kadet's have been teaching people how to fly R/C for almost 40 years. Starting in 1972 with the first .40-size SIG KADET, the basic design has evolved over the years into several different sizes and types of construction, including built-it-yourself kits and almost-ready-to-fly versions. This new KADET LT-40EG is the latest ARF rendition of America's favorite R/C trainer.

With the addition of a rugged fiberglass cowling and some changes in the fuselage construction, this new ARF is ready to fly with either a .40-.46 size glow engine or a 500-watt electric power system. Your choice! Either way, the flying weight is virtually identical and the legendary KADET flight characteristics are unchanged.

This beautifully handcrafted airplane takes no shortcuts in quality of materials or workmanship. No foam - this is a traditional all-wood model airplane, which means it's light, strong and durable! Expertly factory covered with UltraCote® (aka Oracover®) premium polyester covering material. The workmanship will make you think this model was built by the best old time kit builder in your club.

The KADET LT-40EG ARF is engineered for quick assembly with a minimal number of parts. A photo illustrated instruction manual takes you easily through each step. Quality hardware includes spinner, wheels, pushrods, fuel tank, etc.

The KADET LT-40EG is larger than other .40 size trainers on the market - and for good reason. The larger size makes the KADET LT-40EG easier to see in flight. The larger size gives the KADET LT-40EG a lighter "wing loading", which lets it fly slower than other trainers. Slower speed gives the student pilot more time to think and react to what the model is doing. That makes learning to fly R/C quicker and easier! All the aerodynamic design factors of the KADET LT-40EG are aimed at making it stable in flight. You'll have true "hands off" stability on all axes. If the student pilot gets disoriented, merely let go of the control sticks and the KADET will recover itself and return to level flight. Like all SIG KADETS, the LT-40EG behaves perfectly in flight. Stalls are gentle, turns are smooth and landing approaches are stable and predictable all the way to touchdown. The KADET LT-40EG has a true "Clark-Y airfoil" for better penetration in the wind and more aerobatic capability than trainers with a totally flat bottom airfoil. After mastering straight and level flight, and learning to take off and land, you can learn loops and rolls with your KADET LT-40EG.

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