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Sanyo 700mAh Tx Square 9vSnap

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Sanyo 700mAh Tx Square 9vSnap
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  • Airtronics square packs fit RS-Series, XL, Vanguard, Quasar
  • Futaba square packs fit the PCM-9, Conquest 6/7, 9VAP, 9Z, 8UA systems
  • Futaba flat packs fit the Attack, Conquest 4, 6X, and Skysport
  • JR square packs fit the 347, 388, 8103, 783, 622, 642, F400, and PCM10
  • Hitec square packs fit the Flash4/5, Prism 7/7x, Focus 2/3, and Lynx
  • Hitec flat packs fit the Focus 4/6
  • Square packs with the 9V snap style connector fit the following systems: Futaba 7UA/H, 5UA; JR Max 4/6; Hitec: Flash4/5, Prism 7/7x, Focus 2/3, and Lynx.

Extra Capacity 1100 AA Packs

Sanyo's new 1100 AA cells have made it possible to provide R/C systems with NiCd packs that are double in capacity! Simply replace the pack you are currently using with your Airtronics, Futaba, Hitec, or JR system with the following receiver and transmitter packs.

Receiver Packs

Receiver packs are configured flat and come completely assembled and wired with the specific radio connector. Both 700mAh and 1100 mAh capacities are available.

Transmitter Packs

Transmitter packs are available in both flat and square configurations and come completely assembled and ready for the specific brand of radio. Both 700mAh and 1100 mAh capacities are available.

Electric Flight Packs

Electric Flight packs are available pre-wired with Sanyo cells and Tamiya style connectors. Six, seven and eight cell packs with capacities of 500mAh through 1000mAh.

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