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X-Zylo Glow In Dark

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X-Zylo Glow In Dark

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 Check out the glowing night-time variation on the bestselling X-zylo Ultra. The X-zylo Night Flight™ is thrown just like the X-zylo Ultra™ and flies almost as far, but it has one extra special feature.

Included with each X-zylo Night Flight™ are two sets of glowing light sticks. Just crack two sticks so that they start to glow, then insert them in the slots on either side of your X-zylo Night Flight™.

Hint: When you're finished playing with the X-zylo Night Flight™, put the light sticks in the freezer to keep them glowing until the next time you want to use them

  It's a Wild Game of Night Catch with the Plastic X-zyLo Night Flight Flying  
Gyroscope from the William Mark Corporation.
An exceptional flying product for ages 9 and older.

FEATURES: This unique flying gyroscope can be thrown over 100 yards.
Enjoy the ultimate game of night catch with someone.
The X-zyLo Night Flight looks like an alien UFO.
Included are two lightsticks that will light up this neon yellow and
black ring as it soars through the air.
This gyroscope may be thrown during the day without the lightsticks.
It's gripped and thrown like a football.
Flight instructions are printed on the back side of the package.
Join the International X-zylo Association and develope your skills
along with others in the association.

INCLUDES: One Plastic X-ZyLo Night Flight Flying Gyroscope
Two Lightsticks

REQUIRES: Another Person
Open Area
Adult Supervision

SPECS: Diameter: 3-3/4" (9.8cm)
Width: 2-1/4" (6cm)

COMMENTS: You will need a lot of open area to properly fly X-zylo.

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