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Li-Po Voltage Checker w/ Integrated Alarm

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Li-Po Voltage Checker w/ Integrated Alarm
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Li-po, Li-ion, Li-Mn, Li-FE
Suitable Battery Types:
Compatible Connector:
1S through 8S
Number of Cells:
0.01 V
Voltage Precision:
0.5 - 4.5 V
Cell Voltage Display Range:
36 V
Total Voltage Display Range:
2S through 8S
Low Voltage Alarm Operation:
Off / 2.7 - 3.8 V
Low Cell Voltage Alarm Range:


Handy lipo checker and alarm!

This voltage meter will plug into the standard (XH) balance port of most lithium polymer batteries on the market. It will then display the voltage of each individual cell, as well as the total series voltage of the pack.

It also doubles as a low voltage alarm: simply leave it plugged into the balance port while running your car/airplane etc, and an alarm will sound when you reach the minimum voltage specified. Minimum voltage (per cell) is set using a button, and can be set for between 2.7 and 3.8v. Normal safe minimum voltage for lithum batteries is 3.0V per cell.

Operating Instructions

  • To manually test the voltage of a lithium pack, plug the JST-XH
    balance plug onto the checker’s battery connector. Be sure that
    the black negative lead connects with the left most negative pin,
    as shown. Once connected, the checker will cycle through
    displaying the voltages of each cell in the pack and then display
    the voltage of the entire pack.
  • To program the alarm voltage, with a battery connected, press
    the program button repeatedly through the various voltages from
    2.7V to 3.8V. Default is 3.2V. There is also an ‘OFF’ option.
  • Install the checker in your model by securing it with double sided
    servo tape or hook and loop material. Plug the checker into your
    balance plug just before operation. Once a cell of the pack
    reaches the alarm threshold, the loud piezo alarm will sound
    telling you to cease operation to protect the pack.


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