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1/16 German Tiger I Early Production Kit

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1/16 German Tiger I Early Production Kit
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  • 1/16 scale R/C tank assembly kit
  • Aluminum Gun Barrel and Item 49209 1/16 German Tiger I Early Production Photo-Etched Grille Set
  • Included to depict a Tiger I as it was deployed to the North African desert: Mantlet, Air Cleaners, Hatch Underside, Commander Figure and Decals
  • DMD Control Unit and DMD Multi-Function Unit to enable realistic tank movement
  • Pre-assembled gearboxes with type 380 motors provide ample power to maneuver the tank
  • Torsion bar spring suspension is combined with pre-assembled track, providing realistic maneuverability
  • Requires 4-channel transmitter with self-neutral function (Futaba Attack T4VWD is recommended), battery pack, and batteries for transmitter

 This is a limited edition version of item 56010 1/16 R/C German Tiger I Early Production Full-Option Kit. It includes extensive Detail-Up Parts to enable the modeler to achieve a higher level of realism.
Not compatible with radio systems that have digital trims. Trims must be analog for the DMD unit to operate correctly.

Note: 4-channel transmitter with analog trims, 7.2 volt battery and charger, modeling glue, Tamiya TS spray paint or Acrylic paints needed to complete the model.

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             This is Tamiya's German Tiger I Early Production                  
1/16th Scale Full-Option, Electric Radio Controlled Tank Kit.
Africa Corps version with correct Mantlet, Air Cleaners
Hatch Underside, Commander Figure and Decals.

For Intermediate to Advanced Adult Modelers.

FEATURES: Tank moves forward, reverse, turns and has a three hundred sixty
degree rotating gun turret. Main gun on turret can be moved
between 15 degree elevation and eight degree depression with
mechanical sounds. Moving speed and position is controlled via the
transmitter stick.
Flash and recoil of main gun muzzle is linked with realistic 88mm
gunfire sound provided by the included DMD Multi Function Unit
Speaker box at rear of frame provides the digitally recorded engine
Pre-assembled tracks are supported with metal rods for reliable
performance on hard terrain. Combined with independent suspension
with stainless torsion bar springs just like the real tank, the
tracks and suspension provide smooth and realistic
maneuverability on rough terrain
In addition to the two channel FET amplifier for operating the two
running motors, the Tiger I is equipped with a separate
amplifier for the turret rotation motor and gun elevation motor.
Control system features steering adjustment trimmer for running
stability and fail safe system for circuit protection making the
Tiger I as easy to control as an R/C car.
Pre-assembled gearbox
Lifelike paintable commander figure stands inside tank hatch
Stickers supplied to reproduce coating
Aluminum frame, metal torsion bars and sprocket wheels

INCLUDES: Tiger I Early Production tank with DMD Control Unit, Multi-
Function Unit, speaker, recoil, flash, gun elevation and turret
control units, two 380 size motors, commander figure, operation
manual, decal sheet

REQUIRES: Radio: 4 channel stick system with analog trim, the Futaba 4YF FM
system on ground frequency, FUTJ4060-FUTJ4090 will work fine
**servos not required, DMD unit plugs directly into receiver**
Batteries: Two 7.2V NiCd or NiMH stick packs
Battery Charger: To match selected batteries
Misc. Items: Tools for assembly, spray and brush-on paint, modeling
knife and cement.

SPECS: Length: 25.2" (640mm) including gun
Width: 9.25" (235mm)
Height: 9.25" (235mm) including figure
Weight: 9.4lbs (4250g) fully equipped

COMMENTS: Tamiya recommends the following paint to finish this model;
TS-1 Red Barn, TAMR5001 TS-4 German Gray, TAMR5004
TS-2 Dark Green, TAMR5002 X-10 Gun Metal, TAMR1510
TS-3 Dark Yellow, TAMR5003 X-11 Chrome Silver, TAMR1511
X-18 Smi Gloss Black, TAMR1518 XF-15 Flat Flesh, TAMR1715
XF-53 Neutral Gray, TAMR1753 XF-56 Metallic Gray, TAMR1756
XF-60 Dark Yellow, TAMR1760 XF-61 Dark Green, TAMR1761
XF-63 German Gray, TAMR1763 XF-64 Red Brown, TAMR1764
XF-65 Field Gray, TAMR1765

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