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1/35 Mesozoic Creatures

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1/35 Mesozoic Creatures
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    This is a 1/35 Plastic Set of Mesozoic Dinosaur Creatures from Tamiya.     
It's designed for modelers ages 10 and over.

Dinosaurs roamed the earth during the theorized Mesozoic Era. Although
many of us have been led to believe that dinosaurs were monstrous creatures,
massive in size like the elephant and whales seen today, there were also many
that were no larger than cats and dogs. The remains of these smaller dinosaurs
are rarely found in complete form because their fragile bones usually
disappeared before they could be fossilized. Paleontologists today suggest
that these small creatures greatly outnumbered the larger dinosaurs and lived
quite actively.

FEATURES: Small plastic parts molded in green and attached to sprue trees.
Thorough research for a highly accurate kit and an educational look
at certain dinosaurs.
Accurate scales, poses, and skin appearance on each dinosaur.
Included in kit is an infant Parasaurolophus, an Oviraptor, a
Hypsilophodon, a Crocodylia, an infant Tyrannosaurus, and a small
Archaeopteryx bird.
Parts fit together, though cement may be useful.
Includes display stands and informative information on each dinosaur
in the assembly sheet.

INCLUDES: One 1/35 Mesozoic Dinosaur Creatures Kit with Display Stands

REQUIRES: Assembly
Cement for plastics (TESR3512) - optional
Paint: (see box illustrations)
Sprue Cutter
Modeling Knife
File or Emery Board
Adult Supervision

SPECS: Scale: 1/35

COMMENTS: WARNING: Small parts may cause choking. Keep away from children ages
3 and under. Also beware of possible sharp points.
Care should be taken when using modeling knife and various tools.
Little is yet known about the true colors of dinosaurs. Refer to box
artwork and living animals seen today for painting purposes.
Kit models may be used in a diorama setting.
san 6/28/00
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