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1/16 RC M4 Sherman Kit Full Options


1/16 RC M4 Sherman Kit Full Options
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         This is the 1/16th Scale Electric Powered, Radio Controlled,          
Tamiya M4 Sherman Tank.
This Howitzer equipped version was developed as a fire support
vehicle that fired high explosion anti-tank shells
and greatly contributed to the Allied victory in WWII.
This kit reproduces the HVSS suspension equipped late production version.

FEATURES: Chassis: 1mm thick Duralumin (aluminum).
Motors: Two 380 type with pre-installed connectors.
Main Action: Forward, reverse, turning and pivoting can be controlled
at every speed. The engine sound is a digital recording of a real
M4 Sherman engine that changes pitch with throttle changes. Turret
can be rotated 360 with realistic rotation sounds.
When tank is stopped, turret rotation can be controlled by the
transmitter stick. Elevation, lowering and moving of the Howitzer
cannon with accompanying sounds are also controllable by the
Sound and Visual Effects: The DMD Multi-Function Unit provides sound
effects such as the Howitzer and machine gun fire, engine sounds
and hull recoil action. Sound effects are faithfully reproduced by
a large 2.5" (63mm) speaker.
Gearbox: Open, preassembled with plastic and die-cast metal gears.
Body: Plastic Olive Drab highly detailed with all fittings. Jerry
cans, ammunition boxes and K-ration cases are loaded on the rear as
Tracks: Pre-assembled lightweight resin. Metal shafts are used to
connect track links for added durability.
Speed Control: Electronic, DMD Control Unit controls forward, reverse
turret rotation, Howitzer and machine gun firing and movement.

INCLUDES: One 1/16th Scale Electric Powered R/C Tamiya M4 Sherman Tank with DMD
Control Unit, DMD Multi-Function Unit, two 380 type motors, resin
tracks, speaker, body, gearbox, decals and instructions.

REQUIRES: Radio: 4 channel stick system with analog trim, the Tamiya 4YWD FM
system on ground frequency, TAMJ5252 will work fine
**servos not required, DMD unit plugs directly into receiver**
Radio Batteries: 8 AA size
Battery: 6-cell flat with standard (Tamiya) connector
Charger: AC/DC Timed or Peak for 6-cell battery
Paint: Acrylic, for body
Misc. Items: Building and track equipment

Length: 14.8" (376mm)
Width: 8.07" (205mm)
Height: 7.20" (183mm)
Weight: 7.5 lbs (3400g)(approx.)

COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Qty. Size Bearing Set Qty.
24 5 x 8mm DTXC1525 (2) & DTXC1523 (3)

This tank can also be operated with a four channel radio, contact
Tamiya for installation instructions.
The Tamiya Battle System #53447-TAMC0613 (not included, must purchase
separately) that simulates damage incurred from enemy attack in a
real battle can also be used on this tank.

Body pictured on the box is painted Olive Drab with all decals
JXS 8/24/01
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