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RC Multi-Function Control Unit Pick-Up Truck MFC-02

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RC Multi-Function Control Unit Pick-Up Truck MFC-02
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 Tamiya kicks up the realism for its 3-speed transmission trucks up another notch with this light, sound, and vibration effects unit. All functions are controllable via a 4-channel transmitter (sold separately) to make all the 3-Speed High lifts even more impressive!!!
10 types of high-brightness LEDs (including optional LEDs) for a total of up to 33 lights can be controlled to depict various realistic light actions while driving. They can also light up in pre-set patterns during Demo Mode for a brilliant shelf display.

Various functions packed in the unit!
Built to easily fit into Tamiya 1/10 electric RC pickup trucks such as the Ford F-350 High Lift, Toyota Hilux etc., Tamiya adds authentic feeling by linking the real sound, the functions of various lights, and body vibration together. The engine sound can be selected from two types of large displacement V8 and small displacement turbo engines: engine start sound, idling sound, throttle operation. In addition, the engines sound will change when actually changing as you shift through the gears. Furthermore, the body vibration changes according to the engine rotation number which gives the model a sense of weight. This unit can also be used for various lighting control.

Examples of Sounds:

  • Engine start Sound
  • Idling sound
  • Running sound
  • Engine stop sound
  • Shift up engine sound
  • Shift down engine sound
  • Horn sound
  • blinker sound
  • hazard sound
  • timer count sound
  • warning sound

Control a variety of lighting via the transmitter
The transmitter or the control unit can control the lighting of various lights. It can also perform the lighting linked with the truck operation such as a turn signal lamp, brake light etc. Also, the head light reproduces the lighting pattern with imaged HID ● Head light ● High beam ● Load Lights ● Auxiliary Lights ● Blinkers ● Hazards ● Reverse Lamps ● Brake Lamps ◆ Functions that can be lit when other options are installed

    This is the Tamiya MFC-02 Multi-Function Control Unit for use with the     
Ford F-350 Pickup Truck, TAMC0196.

FEATURES: Provides many light, sound effects and special operations to make
the Ford F-350 even more realistic
Light Effects;
Ten types of high-brightness LEDs depict light actions such as
headlights, auxiliary lights, turn signals, fog lights and more
Sound Effects;
Onboard speaker emits 24 different sound effects such as starting,
stopping, gear changing, horn, idling and more
Special Operations;
Up to 16 different operations possible with 4-channel transmitter
including steering and throttle control, brake operation, gear
shifting and more
Other features include vibration function, input terminal to allow
connection of MP3 and CD players for music playback, three modes of
operation; R/C mode with Multi-Function effects off, R/C mode with
Multi-Function effects on, and Demo Mode for static display
sound and light effects

INCLUDES: Multi-Function Control Unit, Control Unit, Vibration Unit, Speaker
Unit, Vibration Unit Box, Lights and instruction manual

REQUIRES: 4-channel self-neutral stick radio system

COMMENTS: NOT compatible with the Tamiya #53909 and #53937 Light Units.
Compatible only with the 540 motor included in the F-350 truck kit
Cannot be operated with 2 or 3ch radio systems.
Not compatible with PCM transmitters, multi-channel receivers and
older Sanwa black case receivers.

jxs 5/18/07
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