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1/35 Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set

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1/35 Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set
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  • This highly-versatile and realistic set will make a great companion for models of German WWII armored cars, and AFVs from the Pz.Kpfw. II to the King Tiger.
  • Four full-body figures depict two men studying a map, a soldier peering through binoculars, and an officer looking ahead.
  • Four torso figures include an officer for fitting in a cupola, a commander giving the signal, plus driver and crew figures.
  • Figures capture tank crew in a variety of realistic poses, with an intuitive parts breakdown ensuring superb detail.
  • The jacket depicted in the set was used throughout WWII.
  • A choice of headgear - officer's school cap or side cap - is included for officer figures.
  • Detailed accessories such as binoculars and holsters give a truly authentic finish.
  • Comes with decals depicting various rank insignia and medals.

Tank crew in the Wehrmacht's armored units were provided with a black double-breasted jacket and pants, with a gray shirt. The right breast was adorned with the national eagle emblem, while shoulder and collar insignia had a pink border. Front buttons were hidden to help minimize the chance of them catching on something in the cramped tank interior that the crew called home.

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               This is the 1/35 Scale Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set                  
Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya's 1/35 Military Miniature Series.
Suitable for Age 14 & Older.

FEATURES: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray
8 figures (4 full body figures and 4 torso figures)
Realistic poses and uniform
Accessories and tank insignia decals included
Waterslide decals
Illustrated instructions

INCLUDES: One plastic model

REQUIRES: Assembly
Hobby knife (RMXR6909)
Cement for plastics (TESR3512)
Sprue cutters (HCAR0630)
Paint (Chrome Silver, Flat Black, Flat Flesh, Neutral Gray, Dark
Green, Red Brown, Field Gray)

SPECS: Scale: 1/35

COMMENTS: Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please keep
away from children 3 years of age and younger

tlc 8/7/17
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