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1/35 US Medium Tank M26

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1/35 US Medium Tank M26
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         This is a 1/35 Scale M26 Pershing U.S. Medium Tank Plastic            
Model Kit from Tamiya.

The U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing made its appearance at the end of WWII
to allow the American Army to stand up to the wrath of German tanks. The Persh-
ing, which was equipped with a long 90mm gun and exhibited incredible mobility,
was first deployed to the European front in February 1945 as part of the effort
to invade the German homeland. The Pershing successfully engaged the Tiger I
and Pz.kpfw.IV tanks. When the Korean War began in 1950, the M26 also fought
successfully against the rival T34/85 Soviet built tanks of the North Korean
and Chinese volunteer armies.

FEATURES: Detailed plastic parts molded in dark green and attached to sprue
Ready to assemble precision model kit.
Complete exterior detailing.
Details on the rear panel such as the traveling lock and tail lights
have been faithfully reproduced.
Cast iron appearance of hull and turret increases realism.
Flexible plastic tracks with moveable suspension.
Hatches can be assembled in open or closed position.
Includes two crew figure torsos to place into the hatches.
Engine grilles are molded as separate parts.
Ammo boxes and K rations increase realism.
Waterslide decals.
Includes detailed and informative pictorial instructions.

OPTIONS: One decal sheet with markings for four tanks:
1: Company B, 1st Tank Bttn., U.S. Marines, September 1950, Inchon.
2: No. 9, Tank Co. A, 18th Tank Bttn., 8th Armored Div., 1945,
3: No. 10, Tank Co. E, 67th Armor Rgt., 2nd Armored Div., April
1945, Germany.
4: No. 5, 2nd Platoon, Tank Co. F, 33rd Armored Rgt., 3rd Armored
Div., February 1945, Elsdorf, Germany.

INCLUDES: One 1/35 Scale M26 Pershing U.S. Medium Tank Plastic Model Kit.

REQUIRES: Assembly
Cement for plastics (TESR3512)
Hobby Knife or Sprue Cutter
Water for Decals
Paint: Olive Drab, Red, Gunmetal, Chrome Silver, Flat Black, Flat
White, Flat Flesh, Khaki, Khaki Drab, Flat Earth, Metallic Grey,
Buff, Dark Yellow, Red Brown.
Phillips and Standard Screwdrivers
Paint Brushes
Pin Vise or Drill
Glue Tips or Toothpicks

SPECS: Length: 9.6" (24.5cm)
sdw 8/05/02
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