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1/35 German Soldiers w/Bicycle

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1/35 German Soldiers w/Bicycle
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 This is a 1/35 Plastic Military Miniatures Set of German Soldiers With Bicyles
from Tamiya. It's recommended for ages 10 and up.

The Wehrmacht, focused on mechanization during WWII, was accelerating the
deployment of bicycles as a simple means of transportation. Many bicycle
manufacturers in Germany produced bicycles for military use, so various types
could be seen. However, the main parts of the bicycles were standardized to
facilitate the easy replacement of parts. Most of the bicycles were equipped
with a luggage carrier at the rear and a storage box for ammunition and
grenades in the middle of the frame.

FEATURES: Parts molded in gray and attached to sprue trees.
Set contains two WWII German bicycles and figures.
Bicycle features highly detailed spokes, seat, and separately molded
handles and pedals.
Prior to figure assembly, refer to instructions and select two poses
from riding (pose A), walking (pose B), and standing (pose C).
Pose A figure is clothed in an M36 field uniform, adopted in 1936.
Figures B and C are clothed in M43 field uniforms, adopted in 1943.
Several accessories, including a duffle bag, a canteen, a gas mask
case, a rifle, a short shovel, and a canister, are all included.

INCLUDES: One 1/35 Set of German Soldiers with Bicycles and Accessories

REQUIRES: Assembly
Cement for plastics (TESR3512)
Paint: Gun Metal, Chrome Silver, Flat Black, Flat Red, Flat Brown,
Flat Flesh, Khaki, Dark Yellow, Dark Green, German Gray, Red Brown,
Field Gray
Sprue Cutter
Modeling Knife
File or Emery Board
Toothpick or Glue Tips
Adult Supervision

SPECS: Scale: 1/35

COMMENTS: Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.
Modelers may place equipment where they like on soldiers and on
san 6/27/00
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