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Pushrods - High Stress 60" (2)

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Pushrods - High Stress 60" (2)
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Sullivan Gold-n-Rods are flexible, lightweight and very strong. The spline design eliminates binding and friction, and the non-metal construction prevents radio interference. Gold-n-Rods are easy to install and easy to adjust and utilize temperature compensated materials to minimize thermal expansion. Hardware and full instructions included. Flexible - Good for all control applications on small to medium size aircraft, especially where tight turns or light weight is required. Suitable for all medium strength applications on boats, cars and helicopters. Semi-Flexible - All applications above, including steerable nose gear, where the turns are less severe and/or strength is a concern. Needs less bracing than the flexible rods. Suitable for large aircraft. High-Stress - For large models or high strength applications. Uses 4-40 hardware. Use for all controls where turns are slight or length is over 48". Over 80 lb test strength.

Sullivan Precision Gold-n-Rod

Sullivan Precision Gold-n-Rod is similar to the Nylon Gold-n-Rod except the inner rod is made from a carbon fiber composite that is thermally matched to wood and metal. This eliminates the need for major trim changes with changes in temperature.

     This is a pair of high stress pushrods.                                   

This Package Includes:
(2) Yellow nylon pushrods - These are 7mm in diameter, 60" long.
(2) Black pushrod tubes - These are 8mm outside diameter (7mm inside) 60"L.
(4) Golden (in color) clevises - These are what attaches the pushrod to
the control horn or servo arm
(4) Threaded couplers - These screw into the pushrod on one end and into
the clevis on the other end. These are used to attach the clevises to
the the pushrods.
(1) Small piece of 1/4" inside diameter, 1/2" outside diameter rubber tubing
This tubing is cut in sections. The sections fit onto the clevises to
prevent them from coming apart during flight.

JBN 6.16.94 *8)
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