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AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module

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AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module
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  • • Small quarter-size footprint (approx. 1 x 1 x .37 inches; 2.83 grams)
  • • Independent nose-wheel gyro control (plus advanced retract options)
  • • Includes Variometer, G-Force, Altitude and Gyro-Rate telemetry sensing
  • • Spektrum™ Forward-Programming compatible (no PC or Smart Phone needed to setup)
  • • Compatible with all Spektrum™ G2 transmitters (including the iX12, DX18G1 and DX6 G3)
  • Adds AS3X® technology to any aircraft equipped with an AR9140T, AR12310T, or AR20310T receiver
  • • Easy to install—integrated vibration isolation design (no foam tape)
  • • Simple use (automatically configures to the model-setup in your transmitter)
  • • Time-saving gain presets included (scale, sport & 3D)
  • • Adjustable servo frame-rates (5.5–22ms) that enhance gyro function
  • • Available, in-flight rate and heading-hold gain adjustments

The Spektrum™ AS3000 Flight Stabilization Module is more than just a gyro for the giant scale pilot. First and foremost, it lets you easily add A3SX® technology to any aircraft equipped with one of the Spektrum PowerSafe™ Receivers (AR9140T, AR12310T and AR20310T). Its tiny, with a footprint the size of a quarter that also features advanced telemetry sensing that lets you integrate real time Variometer, G-Force, Altitude and Gyro-Rate data to your flight status parameters.

The AS3000 is very simple to add to your model, allowing for a clean and efficient install that eliminates an additional point of failure that an inline gyro can introduce. Installation is easy. Simply plug the AS3000 into the Sensor Port and mount the AS3000 into the airframe.

No smart phone or computer is needed to program module! That’s because it’s the first radio accessory to use Spektrum Forward Programming, now available as a free download for your Spektrum G2, iX12, DX18G1 and DX6G3 radio. With it, every benefit AS3X technology can offer is at your command through the transmitter (Spektrum AirWare™ 2.0 radio update needed). Its intuitive programming walks you step-by-step so basic setup can be finished within a few minutes.

Advanced Telemetry Included
The AS3000 Flight Stabilization Module allows its integrated 3-axis sensing to additionally deliver advanced telemetry that lets you integrate real time Variometer, G-Force, Altitude and Gyro-Rate data to your flight status parameters.
• Variometer data indicates the rate of ascent and descent
• G-Force accurately monitors airframe stress loads
• Altitude data displays the aircraft distance from the ground
• Gyro-Rate axis degree/sec movement parameters

Simple to Install
Installation is easy. Simply plug the AS3000 into the four-wire Sensor Port and mount the AS3000 into the airframe. Its three-tab vibration isolation mounting system lets you secure the module securely like a servo. Identification of its orientation is graphically represented in the Forward Programming menu of your transmitter and allows the unit to be recognized in one of eight popular sensing positions.

Easy Setup
Forward Programming is a Spektrum™ technology that enables the configuration of smart receivers and related products wirelessly and directly from the transmitter. It’s simple. Forward Programming uses the existing bi-directional communication link between a transmitter and receiver to do the same sophisticated programming that once required a cable, Bluetooth dongle, with a PC or mobile phone. Plus, Spektrum Forward Programming uses intuitive Spektrum AirWare™ firmware language so it’s intuitive and easy to follow with simple solutions and safety protocols that get you flying faster. Spektrum Forward Programing is now available as a free Spektrum AirWare 2.0 radio update for Spektrum G2, iX12, DX18G1 and DX6G3 radios.

Compact Design
The AS3000 is tiny, with a footprint the size of a quarter and a unit-weight under 3-grams. When connected to your Spektrum PowerSafe™ receiver, it’s sophisticated software and sensors integrate the model setup you’ve already programmed making setup a synch. As a result, elaborate wiring normally expected with an independent module is eliminated. ONE connection to the receiver is all that’s necessary with this high-voltage compatible unit.

Independent Nose Wheel Gyro Control
Forward Programming makes it possible to add AS3X sensing to just the nose wheel for steering corrections dedicated specifically to making your model handle rock-solid on the ground. In retract applications, AS3X nose wheel corrections can be disabled when the landing gear is in the stowed position to avoid un-necessary control movement.

Benefits ALL Airplane Types
AS3X® technology is a proven benefit for all airplane types including scale, sport and 3D. How to pick the amount of stabilization, until now, was a bit of a mystery. Forward Programming used to setup the AS3000 from your transmitter offers simple presets you can choose depending on your airplane configuration. No more guessing. You can turn it on and off at will from a switch or transmitter knob, tweak the gains in flight, plus experiment with rate or heading-hold gyro sensing.

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