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Evo SC Clear Body Slash/slash 4x4/SC10 4x4

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Evo SC Clear Body Slash/slash 4x4/SC10 4x4
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  • Fits the Slash, Slash 4x4, SC10, SC10 4x4, Losi XXX-SCT, TEN-SCTE 4WD, and the PRO-2 SC.
  • Advanced front end design generates unmatched steering
  • New EVO Styling improves Looks and Performance
  • Made from durable / genuine Lexan
  • Maximum amount of Rear Venting minimizes drag, lift and weight

This is the EVO SC Clear Body for Short Course Trucks. It is time to Evolve your Short Course truck into a true race machine with Pro-Lines all-new EVO SC body! After years of developing race winning bodies for Short Course trucks with advanced aerodynamic features, Pro-Line is ready to unleash the next Evolution of performance bodies!

The EVO SC body is designed with an aggressive sloped nose which keeps as much air as possible from getting under the hood; this decreases the dreaded parachute effect and gives you more control of your SC truck. The improved front down-force also enhances steering for quicker lap times. Pro-Line incorporated the maximum amount of vents possible in the rear of the body, while still maintaining long-lasting durability, in order to reduce drag, rear lift and weight as much as possible. All of these features add up to the most advanced Short Course Race Body ever constructed. If you want to stay on the top step of the podium you must Evolve with the EVO SC Body!

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