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Radian RTF Sailplane

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Radian RTF Sailplane
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78.7 in
44.7 in
Overall Length:
30 oz
Flying Weight:
4870 brushless outrunner, 960kV
Motor (included):
Spektrum 2.4GHz DX5e with AR500 full range receive
Radio (included):
3-wire sub micro
E-Flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC with switch mode BEC
ESC (included):
11.1V 1300mAh Li-Po
Battery (included):
12V DC 2-3 cell Li-Po balancing
Charger (included):

  • Spektrum™ DX5e 5-channel full-range 2.4GHz DSM2™ radio system eliminates interference and the need for frequency control.
  • Ready-to-fly right from the box – everything you need is included inside, even the batteries
  • Large 2-meter wingspan makes the Radian easy to see and provides an excellent lift-to-drag ratio
  • Plug-in wings separate for easy transportation and storage
  • 11.1V, 1300mAh Li-Po battery for extended flight times
  • Variable rate DC cell-balancing Li-Po charger safely charges and conditions Li-Po battery
  • Powerful 480-size, 960Kv outrunner brushless motor for efficient power
  • Throttle, rudder and elevator provide true 3-channel flight and maneuverability
  • E-flite® Pro 30A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC for maximum performance
  • Durable, lightweight and repairable Z-Foam™ construction

Equipped with 3-channel control and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz radio technology, the Radian can be flown without the worry or risk of interference. Although a powerful 480 brushless motor enables initial launch, the propeller soon folds back to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft, instead of batteries. That means flight times for this quiet and eco-friendly alternative are much longer than they are with traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better.

Like all of ParkZone’s innovative and high-quality aircraft, the Radian looks great right out of the box and provides pilots with the control and reliability they seek in a park flyer. The plane’s large 2-meter wingspan and elliptical dihedral design improve flight performance and visibility from the ground, while plug-in wings provide for easy transportation and storage.

Not only does the Radian’s lightweight Z-Foam™ construction offer the perfect balance of weight and durability, it also makes repairs simple and quick. Since everything needed to get the Radian airborne is included inside, you are only minutes away from the ultimate soaring adventure.

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