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OS FS-95V 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler

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OS FS-95V 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler
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1.142 in
0.929 in
2100-11000 RPM
RPM Range:
20.88 oz
Sport & Aerobatic 13x7-9, 14x6-8 Scale 15x6-8
Prop Range:
5/16-24 in
Crankshaft Thread:

  • A bold new head design with individual valve covers and machined aluminum pushrod guides give the FS-95V a classic appearance.
  • Larger displacement than the FS-91, but lighter in weight — yet the FS-95V mounts in the same bolt pattern.
  • Delivers famous O.S. performance, with low amplitude sound that's ideal for scale planes

The FS-95V has the multi-cylinder look, deeper sound and 4-stroke power that will perfectly complement your next scale project!

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         This is the O.S. Engines FS-95V Four Stroke Aircraft Engine.          

FEATURES: Broad power band for a wide variety of airplanes including models
designed for .60 2-stroke and .90 4-stroke engines
Redesigned cylinder head to match angled valve layout for steady
power at all times and a perfect balance between high combustion
and efficient cooling
Redesigned "Jet Stream" muffler with unique shape for more authentic
four stroke sound
Same mounting dimensions, drive hub position and linkage position as
the O.S. FS-91 Surpass II, 61FX, 65LA, 75AX, 95AX and FS-110
Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of

INCLUDES: O.S. Engines FS-95V Four Stroke Engine with Type F Glow Plug, Muffler
Header Pipe with two Locknuts and Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: Fuel: 5-20% nitromethane aircraft blend with 18% lubricant content
Propeller: Sport & Aerobatic 13x7-9, 14x6-8
Scale 15x6-8

SPECS: Carburetor Settings-
Needle Valve: 2-1/2 - 3 turns from fully closed
Mixture Control Valve: Rotate until slotted head is flush with carb
body. After setting needle valve, rotate mixture control valve
approximately 45 clockwise to lean the mixture or 45 counter-
clockwise to richen mixture

Displacement: 0.951cu in (15.59cc)
Bore: 1.142" (29.0mm)
Stroke: 0.929" (23.8mm)
Practical RPM: 2,100 - 11,000RPM
Power Output: 1.7ps/10,000RPM
Weight: 20.88oz (592g)
Muffler Weight: 2.05oz (58g)
Crankshaft Size: 5/16-24
Height from bottom of Mounting Tab to Pushrod Cover: 3.8" (97.5mm)
Height from bottom of Crankcase to Pushrod Cover: 4.7" (119mm)
Distance from Carburetor to Drive Hub: 4.5" (115.7mm)
Distance/Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 0.98" (25mm)
Distance/Mounting Hole Centers Opposite Side: 2" (50mm)
Mounting Hole Diameter: 0.16" (4.2mm)
Distance from Drive Hub to end of Crankshaft: 1.5" (37.4mm)
Distance from Drive Hub to center of Engine: 2.6" (66.5mm)
Width at Mounting Tabs: 2.4" (61mm)
Width Below Mounting Tabs: 1.7" (42.6mm)
Height/Mounting Tab Bottom to center of Needle Valve: 0.70" (17.8mm)

jxs 03/03/11
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