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Rotary Drive System Couplr (2)

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Rotary Drive System Couplr (2)
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         This is the Kimbrough Internal Rotary Drive Control System.           
This system works on nearly any size airframe to operate
hinged surfaces where the fixed surface can house a servo.

FEATURES: Uses no external hardware such as control rods, clevises and links.
Shaft connected to servo works within rigid pocket embedded in the
movable surface to provide deflection and avoid bind and slop.
Works on ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator, spoilers, flaperons and
elevons where a servo will fit into a fixed surface.
System uses different couplers to fit Airtronics, Multiplex, JR,
Futaba, Tower Hobbies, Hobbico, Hitec, FMA series 300, 80, 90, 95
and 100, and all Volz brand servos.

INCLUDES: One Kimbrough Internal Rotary Drive Control System with, two sets of
plastic couplers (ten total), two spline adapter trees, four 6/32
set screws, one 1.5mm allen hex wrench and one instruction sheet.

REQUIRES: Making drive shaft from welding rod or music wire. Size of rod is
determined by size of the airframe. Also, pocket embedded in
movable surface can be made from hard coutertop plastic such as
Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart, or a .060 lexan sheet spaced apart
with balsa saturated with CA glue.

COMMENTS: This product is recommended for intermediate to advanced modelers
who are experienced in model airplane construction because it
involves creating space inside wing or other surface to house the
servo, drive shaft and pocket assemblies.
JXS 9/24/01
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