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UNO2400 Standard - Filtered 2.4GHz A/V Receiver

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UNO2400 Standard - Filtered 2.4GHz A/V Receiver
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  • Dual-button user-interface, and remote control from the groundstation
  • Several km range with 10mW CE-legal transmitters
  • Triple A/V output, for three viewing/recording devices
  • 13 Channel support, Lawmate, Airwave, and International bands
  • Exclusive high-quality NexWaveRF receiver technology

Before the advent of 2.4GHz R/C gear, the 2.4GHz was the primary band for FPV video downlinks.
Coupled with a UHF LRS (Long Range Up-link), ranges of tens of kilometers were easily achievable.
The ‘Free Space Loss’ on 2.4GHz is much lower than it is on 5.8GHz, meaning signals go further, with the same power transmitted.

The Uno2400 supports four common bands, used in the FPV hobby.
Users upgrading from Lawmate equipment will find all of their favorite frequencies on band #1
Users with older ImmersionRC 2.4GHz ‘Airwave’ equipment are supported on band #2.
Band #3 includes frequencies legal in the EU, and Band #4 includes frequencies legal for use in the USA, which match the US SKU of the 700mW 2.4GHz A/V Transmitter.

As with all of ImmersionRC A/V receivers, the Uno2400 includes a single-cable hookup to an ImmersionRC Groundstation, or Antenna Tracker.

Video, Audio, Power, and a bi-directional data link are all passed down a single cable to simplify Ground Station installations.

Receiver band and channel may be controlled remotely, with remote display of frequency, in MHz, and received signal quality (RSSI) in dBm.

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