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Fuel Tank - 24oz

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Fuel Tank - 24oz
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             This is a Complete 24oz Fuel Tank from Great Planes.              

FEATURES: Ideal for 1/4 and 1/5 scale models, such as Top Flite's Giant Scale
Gold Edition Corsair and Mustang warbirds.
Made from sturdy, flexible material and easy to assemble, with
screw-together caps and no tubing to bend.
Small molded-in tabs on the rear of the tank are useful for securing
into the model or a grip used while removing tank from the model.
Stopper is designed to be used with glow OR gasoline fuels.
All tank hardware is included, even an option of a 90 stopper
fitting for standard size fuel tubing, and a straight stopper
fitting for large size fuel tubing used with large engines.

INCLUDES: One 24oz Tank
One Piece Fuel Tubing (for glow inside the tank to klunk)
One Metal Klunk
One Stopper Nut (unique -28, metal nut will not work w/90)
One Stopper Washer (unique, metal washer will not work w/90)
One 90 Stopper Fitting (for standard size fuel tubing)
One Straight Stopper Fitting (for large engine size fuel tubing)
One Special Rubber Stopper (for glow or gasoline)

REQUIRES: 10mm open end wrench to tighten stopper nut. (See COMMENTS)
Assembly of the stopper assembly.
Medium OR Large fuel tubing from tank to engine. (depends on engine
size and stopper fitting used) (See FEATURES)

SPECS: Length: 5" (127mm)
Length: 6-1/8" (155mm) (Overall Including Extended Base)
Width: 3-1/8" (79mm)
Height: 2-7/8" (73mm)
Capacity: 24oz (720cc)
Gasoline Compatible (see Comments)

COMMENTS: Do Not over-tighten the nut, it may crack the Stopper Fitting. Only
snug the nut onto the stopper fitting and check for tightness.
Tanks are designed primarliy for glow fuel, but the tank,rubber
stopper, nylon fittings and klunk are suitable for use with gas,
However, the silicone tubing supplied with the klunk is NOT. If
they replace that tubing with a gasoline compatible tubing, it
will be acceptable. Is recommended to completely empty at the end
of each flying session and not used for storage of gasoline. Also,
they should be checked for leaks and possible deterioration once a
month and replaced annually.
JAL 7/30/99
updated measurements tjt 123004
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