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ESC C-35 Mini Brushed w/BEC

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ESC C-35 Mini Brushed w/BEC
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6-12 Cells
NiCd/NiMH Cells:
2-4 Cells
Li-Po Cells:
35 A
Max Output:
1.3 kHz
Operating Frequency:
0.80V NiMH/NiCd—2.75V Li-Po
Voltage Cutoff:
33 mm
18 mm
11 mm
30.5 g

  • Programmable battery types.
  • Pushbutton, twin LEDs and audible tones for easy set-up.
  • On/Off switch and LEDs on an externally mountable lead.
  • Automatic temperature protection reduces max. throttle to 70% when max. temperature is reached.
  • Solid-state current overload limiter.
  • BEC provides sufficient current for receiver and three standard servos.
  • Includes universal radio connector, Deans Ultra male connector for battery, 3.5mm gold plated female bullet connectors for motor

Designed for medium sized performance aircraft with 400-, 500- or 600-size motors requiring 35A or less.

      This is the C-35 Mini High Frequency Electronic Speed Control w/BEC.     
For medium sized performance aircraft with 400, 500 or 600-size
Brushed Motors requiring 35A or less.

FEATURES: Compact size to minimize weight and simplify installation
Programmable battery types
Automatic temperature protection reduces max throttle to 70% when max
temperature is reached
"Safe-Start" system prevents accidental motor starts by disabling the
motor circuitry until the throttle stick is moved to full throttle,
then to the OFF position
Factory installed radio, motor and battery connectors
Fully proportional forward with brake
Battery Eliminator Circuitry provides sufficient power for the
receiver and three standard servos. The motor battery powers the
receiver and servos. When voltage is reduced to the appropriate
voltage, the Low Voltage cut-off circuitry stops the motor while
continuing to supply power to the receiver and servos.
Solid-state current overload limiter
Built-in thermal protection drops throttle to 70% if
transistors overheat
Reverse-polarity protection
High Frequency to optimize battery run-time and cool operation.
ON/OFF radio switch and set-up LED light
180 day limited warranty

INCLUDES: One C-35 Mini Electronic Speed Control with Universal receiver plug
installed, installed motor wires with 3.5mm gold plated Female
Bullet Connectors, Star Plug, and an ON/OFF switch
Three ceramic capacitors to reduce motor noise
One Schottky SR506 diode for added efficiency.
(Silver stripe indicates Positive unless using with gearbox)
One 2.75" piece of shrink tubing
One instruction sheet

REQUIRES: Attaching to motor and setting up speed control
Battery pack
Plug Universal plug into the throttle channel on the receiver

SPECS: Length: 1.30" (33mm)
Width: .71" (18mm)
Height: .43" (11mm)
Weight: 1.08 ounce (30.5g) with wires
Input: 6-12 NiCd/NiMH cells; 2-4 LiPo cells
Max Rated Current: 35A continuous
BEC Voltage: 5V/1.5A
Low Voltage Cutoff: 0.80V per cell for NiCd/NiMH
2.75V per cell for LiPo
Connectors: Universal radio connector, Star Plug battery
connector, 3.5mm gold plated Female Bullet Connectors
Switching Frequency: 1.3kHz
Motor Size: Speed 400, 500 and 600-Brushed only

COMMENTS: Motor wires are White (Positive) and Blue (Ground)
Do not use with Brushless motors

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