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Gearbox T400 BB 3:1 Ratio

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Gearbox T400 BB 3:1 Ratio
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T400 Gear Boxes are available in two ratios. The 1.7:1 ratio unit features a bushing supported shaft while the 3:1 ratio unit features a ball bearing supported shaft. Both are designed for 400-size motors and feature an aluminum frame, brass pinion for strength and a nylon spur gear for reduced noise.

      This is a T400 Gearbox with 3:1 Gear Ratio and uses Ball Bearings.       
For use with the Great Planes Park Flyers.

FEATURES: Designed for low noise and low maintenance, Park Flyer gearboxes used
with 400-sized motors get the maximum climbing power and flight
time from each mAh. A bronze pinion gear is used for strength and
a nylon main gear for quiet, low friction operation.
Compatible with APC's light, durable Slo-Flyer Propellers
Utilizes smooth-running, long-lasting ball bearings
Lightweight, aluminum, open gear case resists damage
Aluminum propeller adapter and washer
One year warranty

INCLUDES: One assembled T400 gearbox 3:1 ratio (includes 34 tooth nylon gear)
One brass 11 tooth pinion gear (not carried separately)
One 3 x 3mm pinion set screw
Two 2.4 x 5mm phillips head mounting screws

REQUIRES: Attaching the gearbox to the motor with a small phillips head
Install pinion onto motor shaft with a 1.5mm hex head wrench
Installing propeller onto shaft with a medium sized phillips head
screwdriver. (Use threadlocking compound to hold screw tight.)
Assembly of gearbox/motor unit onto an aircraft

SPECS: Overall Length: 35mm (1.4")(back of gearbox to front of adapter)
Overall Height: 37mm (1.5")
Overall Width: 32mm (1.2")
Mounting Holes On-Center: 16mm (.67")
Propeller Adapter Shaft Diameter: 6mm (.24")
Propeller Adapter Shaft Length: 9mm (.35")
Main Shaft Diameter: 4mm (.16")(the adapter mounts onto this one)

COMMENTS: For T-400 motor, use GPMG0325.
There was some question whether this is really a 3:1 ratio.
Not to worry. That is because 34 teeth to 11 teeth equates to
3.09090909 to 1 thus rounded to 3:1
JAL 6/1/01
up tjt 6/29/01
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