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Phazer EDF EP Sport Jet ARF

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Phazer EDF EP Sport Jet ARF
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Don’t blink when flying the Phazer. It can travel the length of a football field in just over two seconds! With its simple delta wing design, this EDF assembles quickly, too — the fuselage is painted fiberglass and the wings are built-up balsa and ply, already covered in MonoKote® film. In no time, you can be airborne…accelerating with ducted fan power and speed.

  • Fast and easy to assemble.
  • Sleek fiberglass fuselage and tail fin.
  • Includes HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit with Ammo™ brushless motor.


Built up from lightweight balsa and ply, the wing halves slide together onto a joiner tube and align easily for gluing. The delta design speeds assembly and requires only two servos.

The included HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit with Ammo™ 3790kV brushless motor installs easily and produces impressive thrust and speed.

The magnetically attached canopy doubles as a battery hatch, simplifying the installation of LiPos and radio gear.

The Phazer can be hand-launched, or you can use the included bungee for even easier launching. Fuselage skids help the model track straight and protect linkages during landings.

The Phazer features built-up wings with MonoKote film covering, and a fiberglass fuselage with molded-in inlets and exhaust tube. Its trim scheme is factory-applied.

Great Planes includes these decal options that allow for a custom sport or military look.

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    This is the Almost Ready to Fly, Radio Controlled, Electric Powered        
Phazer Ducted Fan Jet from Great Planes.
For Advanced RC Pilots.
This ducted fan jet reaches speeds over 90 mph (145 km/h),
and should only be flown at the flying site of an AMA-chartered club
Because it can quickly disappear from sight, the pilot should remain
focused on the plane at all times.

FEATURES: Construction: Fiberglass fuselage and tail fin with molded-in inlets
and exhaust tube
Wings: Delta design, light balsa and ply construction, joiner tube
for easy attachment to fuselage, wing skids help model track
Covering: Top Flite Monokote
Motor: Ammo 24-45-3790kV brushless, GPMG5185
Ducted Fan: Great Planes ElectriFly HyperFlow 56mm Ducted Fan System,
Canopy: Magnetically attached, doubles as a battery hatch
Decals: Two sets to decorate in a sport or military look
Lanuch System: May be hand or bungee launched
Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this
kit to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship at
the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component
parts damaged by use or modification.

INCLUDES: ARF Phazer Ducted Fan Jet with Brushless Motor, Ducted Fan Unit,
Bungee Launch Kit, Decals, Balance Stand and Gauge, Instruction

REQUIRES: Radio: 4-channel with elevon or ailevator mixing
Servos: Two micro
Extensions: Two 3-4"
ESC: 35A brushless compatible
Battery: 4S 14.8V 30C LiPo at least 2200mAh
Battery Charger: Lipo compatible with balancing capabilities
Building and Field Equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 23" (585mm)
Wing Area: 224 sq in (14.4 sq dm)
Weight: 30-31.5 oz (850 - 895 g)
Wing Loading: 19.3 - 20.2 oz/sq ft (59 - 62 g/sq dm)
Length: 30" (760mm)
Center of Gravity (CG): Key pointed ends of the balance stand into
middle holes of wing support, then flip assembly over to see where
model balances. CG may be shifted 5/16" (8mm) forward or backward
to change flying characteristics.
Control Throws High Rate Low Rate
Elevator-Up/Down, 3/8" (10mm) 17 3/16" (5mm) 9
Ailerons-Up/Down, 3/16" (5mm) 9 1/8" (3mm) 6

COMMENTS: Following are the colors of MonoKote used on this model and order
numbers for 6' rolls;
Jet White, TOPQ0204 Metallic Platinum, TOPQ0408
Missile Red, TOPQ0201

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