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FT Edge 540 Kit WR Foamboard

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FT Edge 540 Kit WR Foamboard
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40 in
1.5 lbs
4x 9 gram servos or ES3154 metal gear servos
Servo Requirements:
425 sized 1000kv minimum
Brushless Motor Requirements:
30amp minimum
ESC Requirements:
1300mah 3s to 1400mah 4s
Battery Requirements:
Radio Included:
Receiver Included:


The Flite Test Edge is based on the Zivko Edge 540 V3, which is a great aerobatic plane and also a very popular choice for pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Races. The FT Edge captures the crips lines of the real Edge while offering a wide flight envelope capable of doing anything from smooth pattern flying to extreme aerobatic maneuvers. Appealing to both sport fliers and 3D pilots alike!

The FT Edge has a removable one-piece wing so that it can be easily transported even in smaller vehicles. it's large hatch allows easy access to the battery and other electronics. It also has optional landing gear, wheel pants and side force generators allowing you to customize the aircraft to your own preferences.

"This plane was designed to suit my personal preferences as a pilot, so the design has been optimized for 3D aerobatics with large control surfaces enabling the plane to do anything you can throw at it. It has a good power-to-weight ratio when paired with our Power Pack C motor. This delivers enough power for unlimited vertical while keeping the aircraft light enough for low and slow aerobatics. These characteristics make this plane suitable for seasoned 3D pilots as well as those just getting into aerobatic flying. No matter where you are in your journey through the world of flight the FT Edge can serve as a platform for you to further your flying experiences." - Andres Lu

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