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Yak 130 70mm Jet PNP Red

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Yak 130 70mm Jet PNP Red
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70 mm
3.2 - 3.4 in From Leading Edge
Center of Gravity:
4.1 lbs
6 or more Channels
Radio Requirements:
22.2V 2600-3300mah
Battery Requirements:
Servo(s) Included:
Brushless Motor Included:
70 Amp
ESC Included:
Durable EPO

  • Metal digital servos for better controlling capacity
  • Retractable front and rear landing gear
  • Function Flaps
  • Ball link design
  • Button type canopy, set free from fall-off problem
  • The simplified assembly structure of main wing set
  • Water-based paint for better color and gloss
  • Scaled appearance, with pilot, oil tank, retractable landing gear
  • Powerful inner running motor with latest 70mm 12 blades ducted plus the high quality Predator 70A ESC


Building on engineering innovations seen in its popular propeller models, FMS has upgraded its fleet of exciting Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) airplanes. Simply put, the FMS Yak 130 70mm is the most scale-accurate Yak on the market. Couple that with a refined, power-packed 12-blade EDF and a tough frame and you have a truly special airplane.

Pure power

This Yak is performance machine. A Predator 2860-KV1850 motor and 70-amp ESC power the Yak's EDF, resulting in tremendous power and speed from a 6S battery. An added bonus to the blistering power is the resonating sound from the 12-blade EDF. Not only will you feel the Yak's power, you'll hear it too.

Design improvements

Improvements include a plastic leading edge on the air inlet duct, providing a smooth flow of air into the duct while protecting the inlet from damage that can come from a less-than-perfect landing. Plus, the assembly process has been made simpler, meaning you'll be flying quicker and easier. The landing gear retract units use a 3.5-strut wire for extra rigidity. All servos are pre-mounted and are digitally designed by FMS for precise maneuvers in high or low-speed flight.

A main spar tube runs through the fuselage and wing to help strengthen the airframe, which is then fastened with screws. The surface control horns and wires are pre-installed and utilize a ball-link design, resulting in a remarkably accurate flight control.

Unrivaled scale appearance

The Yak 130 features incredible scale detail. Panel lines, cockpit interiors, a scaled pilot, and a removable drop fuel tank are just a few of the highlights. FMS has incorporated a new, environmentally friendly water-based paint. The water-based paint results in a glossier appearance and extra protection to the plane's foam parts.

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