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Park 480 BL Outrunner 1020Kv

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Park 480 BL Outrunner 1020Kv
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Shaft Park 480 BL Outrunner 
Prop Adapter w/Collet 4mm 
Gold Bullet Conn Set 3.5mm (3) 
Park 480 X-Mount/Hardware 
Brushless Outrunner
Motor Type:
480 Range
Motor Size:
10x7 to 12x6
Prop Range:
7.2-12 v
Voltage Range:
RPM/Volt (Kv):
.06 ohms
1.1A @ 8V
Idle Current:
22 A
Continuous Current:
28 A
Max Burst Current:
6-10 Cells
NiCd/NiMH Cells:
2-3 Cells
Li-Po Cells:
3.1 oz
35 mm
Overall Diameter:
4 mm
Shaft Diameter:
33 mm
Overall Lenght:

  • Perfect match for 3D park flyers 20- to 30-ounces (565- to 850-grams)
  • Ideal for scale park flyers 25- to 35-ounces (710- to 990-grams)
  • Ideal for models requiring up to 275 watts of power
  • High Torque, direct drive alternative to inrunner brushless motors
  • Includes mount, prop adapters, and mounting hardware
  • Quiet, lightweight operation
  • External rotor design, 4mm shaft can easily be reversed for alternative motor installations
  • High quality construction with ball bearings and hardened steel shaft
  • Slotted 12-pole outrunner design

The Park 480 Brushless Outrunner motor is designed to deliver clean and quiet power for 3D park flyers 20- to 30-ounces (565- to 850-grams), scale park flyers 25- to 35-ounces (710- to 990-grams), or models requiring up to 275 watts of power. It’s an especially good match for E-flite's Mini Edge 3D ARF (EFL2225) and Mini Funtana 3D ARF (EFL2075), and would provide extreme power for sport park flyers such as the Mini Ultra Stick ARF (EFL2250).

Specifically this 1020 Kv option can handle more current than the 920 Kv version so it is a much better option when match with the Thunder Power Pro-Lite cells.

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