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Allusive 2.2m ARF

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Allusive 2.2m ARF
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Hardware Pack Allusive ARF 
Canopy Allusive ARF 
87.5 in
546 sq in
Wing Area:
43 in
48 oz
15-size brushless outrunner motor
Electric Motor Requirements:
4+ channel radio system with V-tail mixing
Radio Requirements:
(2) wing servos, (2) mini servos
Servo Requirements:
40-amp brushless
ESC Requirements:
11.1V 3S 2200mAh LiPo flight battery
Battery Requirements:

  • Streamlined fiberglass fuselage with a painted finish that’s ready for your electronics
  • Four-channel control with V-tail, ailerons and throttle
  • Large canopy provides easy access to factory-installed plywood mounting points
  • Two-piece, fully-balsa sheeted, foam-core, plug-in wings
  • Built-up, balsa plug-in stabilizers
  • Solid carbon fiber wing and stabilizer joiners
  • Ready for installation of an E-flite® Power 15 outrunner
  • Complete, high-quality hardware package
  • Fiberglass control horns and pre-bent steel pushrods
  • Factory finished, film hinging on the ailerons and ruddervators
  • High-contrast, genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering

The E-flite® Allusive™ 2.2 m ARF sailplane is an interesting breed of thermal soaring ship that’s both a capable glider and aerobatic sport model. Sleek from nose to tail and tip-to-tip, its wings are a fully-balsa sheeted foam core for a strong structure that naturally maintains airfoil integrity. The removable surfaces of the V-tail are a fully sheeted built-up structure and, like the wings, are covered with Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering in a high-contrast scheme. The ailerons and ruddervators feature film-hinging that’s sealed at the factory.

Thanks to a front fuse diameter of 40mm, a broad range of popular brushless outrunner motors like the E-flite Power 15 fits inside and has ample cooling. Just a 3S 2200mAh Li-Po flight pack is required for catching a thermal or grooving around. When equipped with a 4-channel radio with V-tail mix, the Allusive 2.2 m sailplane is the most fun you’ll have eluding the end of a great flying day.

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