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Engine Tuning Tool

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Engine Tuning Tool
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  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Flat screwdriver for needle adjustments
  • Piston lock tool
  • Spare glow plug storage
  • One compact unit
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                 This is an Engine Tuning Tool from DuraTrax.                  
It is a multi-purpose trackside tool.

FEATURES: It is two tools in one, plus a spare glow plug storage.
The steel shank screwdriver is ideal for adjusting High- and Low-
Speed needles, as well as throttle stop screws.
The machined, Blue anodized aluminum handle is knurled for a more
secure grip, and features a piston locking tool inside.
Threads on the end of the handle let racers keep a spare glow plug
handy. (glow plug not included)

INCLUDES: One Engine Tuning Screwdriver
_ One Piston Locking Tool

SPECS: Length: 6-3/16" (157mm)
Diameter: 5/8" (15mm)
Tip Width: 4mm
Tip Thickness: 1mm

For light-duty engine work, the piston locking tool included with this
tool is all you need to prevent the crankshaft from rotating. To use the
tool, simply remove the glow plug and screw the tool into place to hold
the piston at bottom-dead-center.

*** Do NOT use this type of tool for heavy-duty tightening or loosening
as you may overstress the piston, conrod, or wristpin. ***

Updated JBM 11-17-05
JAL 7/30/01

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