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1/10 Element Brushless System 3900kV

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1/10 Element Brushless System 3900kV
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  • The 4-pole, 3900kV motor delivers more torque with greater efficiency.
  • Turn your 2WD RTR model into a serious racing machine.

The Element 3900kV Brushless System is designed specifically for use with lightweight 1/10 scale 2WD off-road vehicles, including buggies, trucks and short course trucks. The programmable ESC and powerful 4-pole motor mount easily; after installation a simple throttle setup is all you need to get going!

ESC Programmable Features*:
Brake/Reverse Type – sets whether reverse is enabled or not, and how it is accessed.

Brake Amount – sets what percentage of available braking power is applied with full brake.

Reverse Amount – sets how much power will be applied in reverse, if reverse is enabled.

Punch/Traction Control – designed to smooth high power starts and limit punch when you don't want 100% battery power in every situation. The lower the setting the less throttle change limiting there is; for softer acceleration or for running on low-grip surfaces, raise it to a higher setting.

Drag Brake – sets the amount of brake applied automatically at neutral throttle to simulate the slight braking effect of a neutral brushed motor while coasting.

Dead Band – lets you adjust the throttle sensitivity width at neutral. Smaller values make the controller enter forward or brake/reverse with a smaller movement of the throttle trigger for finer control.

Cut-Off Voltage – sets the voltage at which the ESC removes power from the motor in order to maintain the battery at a safe minimum voltage (LiPo), or to keep the radio system working reliably (NiCd/NiMH).

Motor Timing – allows for lowering or raising the timing advance to the motor to reduce or increase amp draw, run time, motor/battery temperature and top speed and punch.

*ESC can be programmed manually, with the Castle Field Programming Card or through the Castle Link software interface.

Please note, this system will only work on 7.4v

              This is the DuraTrax 3900kV Brushless Power System.              

FEATURES: Upgrade from stock brushless or brushed systems on 1/10 scale 2WD
off-road vehicles
Some of the vehicles this system is compatible with include, but are
not limited to the DuraTrax EXT2 and Evader DT, Associated SC10
and B4.1 Buggy, HPI Blitz SC, and many more.
Sensorless ESC's programmable features include: Brake/Reverse Type,
Brake Amount, Reverse Amount, Punch/Traction Control, Drag Brake,
Dead Band, Voltage Cut Off and Motor Timing (ESC can be programmed
manually, with the Castle Field Programming Card, or through the
Castle Link software interface)
Four-pole 3900kV motor delivers more torque with greater efficiency
120-day limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of
ESC does not have on/off switch

INCLUDES: 3900kV Brushless Motor, Element ESC, Connectors and Instructions

REQUIRES: Pinion gear of modeler's choice
Throttle set-up

SPECS: Motor-
Dimensions: 1.42 x 1.85 in (36 x 47 mm)
Weight (with wires): 6.54 oz (185.4 g)
Voltage Input: 2S max
Poles: 4
Wires: 13AWG silicon, 6.89" (175mm)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125" (3.175mm)
Connectors: 4 mm male bullet connectors
Dimensions: 1.81 x 1.38 x 0.79 in (46 x 35 x 20 mm)
Weight: 2 oz (56.5 g)
Voltage Input: 2S-3S LiPo (7.4V-11.1V); 6-10 NiCd/NiMH (7.2V-12V)
BEC: 3A @ 2S input
Current Rating: Up to 100A

COMMENTS: Per Castle Creations- The throttle always needs to be in the 50/50
mode, NOT 70/30. Some 27Mhz radios may have trouble getting into
the manual programming mode.

ESC has motor turn limit, if KV of motor is between 2800-4200kV,
no higher than 2S(7.4V) LiPo may be used.

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KCR 02/26/14
jxs 06/06/11
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