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Kwik Ramp Portable Jump

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Kwik Ramp Portable Jump
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       This is a Kwik Ramp Portable Jump for Radio Controlled Vehicles.        

FEATURES: Ideal for drivers of RTR buggies and trucks, and for indoor or
parking lot race tracks. Turns any parking lot into an off-
road course.
Made of durable red corrugated plastic, Kwik Ramp is easy to store,
maintain and sets up in just minutes anywhere.
Easily adjusts to multiple jump angles by simply moving adjustment
wires (see COMMENTS).
Folds flat for easy carrying and storage.

INCLUDES: One Kwik Ramp Portable Jump
Two Adjustment Wires
Four Adjustment Wire Plastic Insert Tubes
One Instruction Sheet

REQUIRES: CA or epoxy glue to attach plastic insert tubes onto adjustment wires

SPECS: Set up size: 4' X 2' (1.2m x 0.6m)
Folded size: 4' x 1' (1.2m x 0.3m) thickness: 3/8" (9mm)

COMMENTS: How to setup instructions:
1. Use CA or epoxy glue to attach the four plastic tubes onto the
height adjustment wires.
2. Press the wire ends into the edge of the ramp sides at any
point along the length of the sides. Do not glue wire ends to
3. Position wires straight across from each other for the lowest
ramp height. To increase the height, move one end of each wire
(on the same side of the ramp) closer to the middle in even
JAL 7/3/00
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