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21 Century Fabric 6' - Black

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21 Century Fabric 6' - Black
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The best fabric covering ever! It's lightweight, thin, tough as nails, goes on as easily as Super Coverite and is magnificently pre-painted. It looks like han drubbed lacquer. Features include: good adhesion to wood and to itself, goes easily around curves, fantastic shrink, can be trimmed with itself, paint, decals, etc without any surface preparation, puncture and tear resistant, glow fuel, gasoline and smoke proof. Rolls are 27" wide and come in 6' and 15' lengths.

   21st Century Fabric is a Woven Polyester Fabric with a Totally Fuel-Proof,  
High-Gloss Painted Finish. Just Iron It On For A Painted Fabric Finish.

FEATURES: Light-Weight Fabric Covering of 3.1 oz/sq yd (.34 oz/sq ft)
Dry Adhesive Is Activated When Heat Is Applied (Range 225 to 290 F)
Can Be Applied To Sheeted Foam
Shrinks To A Drum-Tight Finish As It Cools
Molds Crease-Free Around Compound Curves and Into Corners
High Gloss Finish, Waterproof, Fuelproof (Glow Fuel, Gasoline, Smoke)
Stronger and Lighter Than Traditional Silk and Dope Coverings
May Be Cleaned With Glass Cleaner or MonoKote Cleaner/Polish

INCLUDES: One Roll (6' x 27") Black 21st Century Fabric Covering
One Instruction Sheet

REQUIRED: Sealing Iron (COVR2550), Iron Sock (TOPR2175), Heat Gun (TOPR2000).

COMMENTS: For Covering Foam At Low-Temperature, Suggest (COVQ0711-COVQ0719).

Note: Different Dye Lots Of 21st Century Paints, Films and Fabrics,
May Vary Slightly In Color Between Production Runs.

No Sealing or Painting Required To Finish.
Temperature Range:
Attaching To Wood (Activating The Glue): 225-290F

JAL 9/2/98
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