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1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup (Re-engineered Kit)

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1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup (Re-engineered Kit)
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108 in
4428 sq in
Wing Area:
15 - 18 oz/sq ft
Wing Loading:
77 in
45 - 70 cc
Gasoline Engine Requirements:

  • Pre Bent Wire Landing Gear
  • Separate Plug-In Wing Panels
  • Scale Flying Wires
  • Extensive Hardware Package
  • Full sized Rolled Plans
  • *UPDATED* Pre-Bent Wire Cabane Struts
  • *UPDATED* Functional Scale Landing Gear
  • *UPDATED* Laser Cut
  • Pre Bent Wire Cabane Struts
  • Aluminum Cowl
  • Scale Functional Landing Gear
  • Scale Functional Tail Skid
  • Updated Manual with over 400 Detailed Photos

On February 9, 1916, Herbert Smith's small 80 hp single seat "Fighting Scout" Passed its acceptance tests and was cleared for production by the Sopwith Aviation Co. LTD. The Sopwith Pup saw combat on every major front of World War I and performed almost every duty asked of a combat aircraft. Along with the Pup's combat success, it was also a pioneering aircraft of Naval shipboard aviation. The Pup was one of the first aircraft to successfully take off and land on a ship at sea, one of the first aircraft to experiment with "arresting gear" for shipboard landings, and also one of the first aircraft to actually engage in aerial combat after being launched from a ship at sea. However, you should realize the real key to the Pup's success was its outstanding flight characteristics.

This Award Winning model is exact scale in every detail. Rib spacing, tail size, shape, and everything about the model is as accurate as can be made. Nothing has been added or taken away. The model is easily taken apart for transportation and only about 10 minutes are required for field assembly and less for take down.

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