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Blade 250 CFX BNF Basic w/SAFE


Blade 250 CFX BNF Basic w/SAFE
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550 mm
Rotor Span:
245 mm
Main Blades:
82.5 mm
Tail Rotor:
180 mm
463 mm
~1300 3s w/ EC3
Battery Requirements:
457 g

  • Fully assembled, no building necessary
  • SAFE® technology makes flight with a collective pitch helicopter easier
  • Stability mode delivers the comfort of self-leveling and bank limits
  • Progressive flight modes help your aerobatic skills build quickly
  • Panic Recovery mode can recover the heli to a level attitude
  • Collective pitch rotor system with flybarless mechanics
  • Brushless main and tail motors for great power and response
  • Rigid carbon fiber main blades
  • Tough, carbon fiber frame
  • Streamlined canopy with vivid color scheme
  • Spektrum™ AR636 DSMX® receiver with AS3X® heli technology (installed)
  • Durable, digital high-speed metal gear cyclic servos (installed)
  • 3S compatible
The Blade® 250 CFX helicopter is the perfect mid-sized heli to transition into sport aerobatics. It delivers pilots a precision, high-performance, 3D experience without the high cost or intimidating size of larger class helicopters. The lightweight and durable carbon fiber frame and rotor blades mean you can be flying more often than fixing. Resilient metal gear digital servos and powerful brushless motors give each flight an accurate and responsive feeling. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli more comfortable, even if you're a beginner. Stability mode helps keep you in control with the safety of bank limits and self-leveling so it's possible to fly and build pilot skills quickly. When you're ready to progress, Agility mode opens the flight envelope to explore basic aerobatics and 3D mode enables the 250 CFX to unleash its full potential. In addition, Panic recovery mode allows you to prevent a crash and recover the heli to level flight at the press of a button.

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