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1/7 Infraction 6S BLX Street Bash 4WD RTR


1/7 Infraction 6S BLX Street Bash 4WD RTR
$869.99 CAD    
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Spektrum Smart Battery Checker & Servo Tester 
Diff Gear Set 
Input Shaft Cup 7X18mm 
Gearbox Case Set HD 6S 
27.36 in
12.20 in
7.87 in
10.56 lbs
12.13 in
Front Width:
12.01 in
Rear Width:
0.59 in
Ground Clearance:
15.98 in
83 mm
Front Wheels:
83 mm
Rear Wheels:
4WD Shaft Driven
Two 2S or 3S LiPo batteries w/ IC5 or EC5 connectors
Battery Requirements:
LiPo Compatible balancing charger with IC5 or EC3 connector
Charger Requirements:
Spektrum DX2E Active 2.4GHz
Radio Included:
Spektrum DSMR™ SRS6000 receiver with AVC®
Receiver Included:
ADS-15M waterproof* metal-geared servo
Servo Included:
BLX4074 2050Kv brushless motor
Brushless Motor Included:
BLX185 waterproof* ESC
ESC Included:

  • Classic truck body comes screen-printed, trimmed and decaled
  • Customizable wing allows you to tune downforce just how you want it
  • Full-width front splitter balances front vs. rear distribution of downforce
  • Rear diffuser helps generate downforce
  • 3mm plate, 6061-T6 anodized aluminum chassis
  • Center chassis brace for maximum durability
  • Adjustable front and rear body mounts
  • Easy-access sliding motor mount for quick motor removal
  • Dual XL battery trays
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Heavy-duty servo saver
  • Heavy-duty 4X4 drivetrain
  • Durable steel drive shafts
  • Center diff for improved handling on loose or slippery surfaces
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
  • Easy-access diff module with 5-bolt center diff removal
  • Independent suspension
  • Big bore aluminum oil-filled adjustable shocks
  • Black-anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • 5-Spoke wheels and all-road dBoots® Hoons tires
  • Super-durable wheel hubs for strength
  • Hub nut O-rings
  • SpektrumTM DX2E ActiveTM radio
  • Spektrum DSMRTM SRS6000 receiver w/AVC® Active Vehicle ControlTM
  • ADS-15M waterproof* metal-geared servo
  • BLX4074 2050Kv brushless motor

 With its 4X4 traction, you can run the INFRACTION 6S BLX on all roads, in all conditions — over loose gravel, asphalt, smooth dirt, and short grass, in the sun, rain, and ice.

The INFRACTION 6S BLX offers classic truck looks for street bashing. The body comes factory-finished with a matte bronze camouflage trim and decals. Its included, tunable wing lets you customize the downforce the way you want it. To further enhance the aerodynamics, the chassis includes a full-width front splitter that balances downforce distribution. A rear diffuser increases downforce and grip, enabling you to corner faster and with confidence.

DESIGNED FAST, DESIGNED TOUGH — underneath the truck body is a 3mm anodized aluminum chassis with a center brace to maximize strength. The heavy-duty 4X4 drivetrain features durable steel drive shafts plus all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals. The center diff module can be removed by taking out just five bolts, making maintenance as fast as the INFRACTION 6S BLX truck itself. A sliding mount allows quick, easy motor access, and dual XL battery trays are included.

Big bore, oil-filled shocks on black-anodized front and rear shock towers keep the dBoots® Hoons all-road tires firmly planted for maximum traction. The tires are mounted on 5-spoke wheels with extra-durable hubs.

For ready-to-run completeness, ARRMA has equipped the INFRACTION 6S BLX with a 2050Kv brushless motor, waterproof ESC and metal-geared servo. Its Spektrum™ DX2E Active™ radio system features AVC® Active Vehicle Control™ for dialing in the stability you need to carve corners or nail jumps without backing off the throttle. The only additional items required are two 2S or 3S LiPo batteries with IC5™ or EC5™ connectors, a LiPo-compatible charger, charging bag, and 4 "AA" batteries for the transmitter.

  *For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the product instruction manuals

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