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We thank you for taking a moment to visit our site and we invite you to bookmark our main page for your quick reference. If you host a web page and would like to link to our site, we have put together a few graphics for your convenience to use as link buttons. Please see below.

Because it takes a great deal of time and expense to create such a web site, there is one thing we ask — please do not repost any of the graphics, pictures or text without the written permission of the Webmaster for this site. We assemble/design our own graphics, scan our own pictures, and write our own text for all pages on this site, with only a few exceptions, and those we post only with the permission of the author or the originating source.

All work on this site is Copyright and cannot be used on another web site or redistributed in any form, electronically or in print, without the expressed written consent of the Webmaster for Great Hobbies.

There may be a few personal or club sites on the web that have posted with permission some of the articles published on this site. These should be clearly marked as having originated with Great Hobbies and with a link back to our site. If you find a site that does have our material but is not so marked, or if you find a commercial site that has "borrowed" any of our work, please inform me. — Webmaster.

Creating a Link to Our Site

When creating a link to the Great Hobbies home page, please link directly to our domain name address As the structure of our site changes, addresses to internal pages may change and thus become outdated without notice.

One thing we do ask is that you use the appropriate size banner for the space you alot on your linking page. Please do not distort the artwork by trying to squeeze a banner into a smaller space.

Simply save these GIF images by right clicking your mouse and choosing save.

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