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Billing Boats

Billing Boats DanmarkHistory

Ever since the beginning of civilization men and boys have been fascinated by ships. Old salts used to spend countless hours below decks building the splendid model ships that still adorn castles, cathedrals, and many a seaman's church throughout the world.

Today the building of model ships has developed into a worldwide and fascinating hobby—no long the exclusive domain of sailors. A great many active people find it rewarding to spend some leisure hours creating something to be proud of.

Of course you can start from scratch if you are an accomplished carpenter and have all the necessary tools. A more realistic way, however, is to buy a model ship kit with a quality brand name that ensures a professional result. Billing Boats has built its reputation on a combination of Danish craftsmanship and meticulous research of the authentic vessels that form the basis for all Billing models.

About Billing Kits

The kits are complete with printed building instructions, as well as full scale and detailed drawings, to make the finished result so life-like, no matter which model you choose. Imagine what an adventure it is to see the fruits of your work and patience, as the model ship is formed and shaped by your own hands.

But a word of warning: All master builders start as apprentices. That's why all Billing model kits are graded according to their degree of complexity and the recommended experience of the amateur builder. It is far more rewarding to start with a beginner model—or if you're exceptionally good with your hands—a one-star model, than to let yourself become frustrated because the magnificent two or three-star beauty proved to be too complicated for a beginner

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For Experienced ModelersFor Experienced Modelers

For SpecialistsFor Specialists

For over 35 year, Billing Boats has worked with model ships, selling more than 6 million building kits to enthusiasts all over the world. But convinced as we are that this hobby could be enjoyed by even more, we have now worked out a system which allows all — young and old, beginners and experts — to build model ships with professional results. We have utilized our many years of experience in the development of the new system.

First, we recognized the simple fact that the more stable the working surface, the better the result. Then we worked out a new construction technique based on building two 'half models' each built on a flat surface, and then glued together to form a complete hull. So our system can aptly be called "From a Half, to a Whole Model".

The idea of using half models has actually been known and used in various ways for many years. Building two halves to form a complete model as in our system is, however, and entirely new concept. The system means that the typically difficult job of building the hull is simplified, encouraging many potential builders to try model ship building as a new hobby.

Other advantages of the system include:

  • A completely straight hull results.
  • Sanding, painting, etc., of the two halves can be completed before final assembly of the model.
  • The framing process is simplified, as only half frames, glued along marked line, are used.
  • Parts are die-cut, and assembly is easier.
  • The building process is withoug mess or fuss, and only a limited working space is required.
  • The result is a professional model, ready for display — despite the ease of construction and economical price of the building kit.
  • Interest among newcomers to the hobby is stimulated, and builders are encouraged to venture into the more complicated models in the Billing Boats range based on traditional building techniques.

The coming years will see the introduction of a number of new models from Billing Boats, allowing the collection of a whole fleet of models based on the new building system. Many of the new boats will also feature laser cut parts for even greater accuracy and ease of construction.