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The following are some articles we have provided to help you get better acquainted with Radio Control Hobbies.

Charging Systems Charging Systems

With the evolution of rechargeable batteries and the increasing popularity of electric flight, knowing the ins and outs of battery chargers is becoming more and more important.

Electric Flight Motor Controllers Electric Flight Motor Controllers

Again, advancements in technology bring wonderful possiblities to electric flight. Learn what to look for in your next electronic motor controller.

Electric Wiring for Small Motor Systems Electric Wiring for Small Motor Systems

This is a how-to article for connecting your speed control to battery and motor for systems up to 5 Amp capacity.

Frequencies for Model Use in Canada Frequencies for Model Use in Canada

This is a chart of all channels and frequencies used for model control in Canada.

Interesting Facts About Balsawood Interesting Facts About Balsawood

The nice people at Sig have graciously permitted us to reprint this very informative article from their catalog, which will tell you all about balsa.

Introduction to Batteries Introduction to Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are becoming an increasingly more important part of the Radio Control world. Understanding and maintaining them properly can save your model and save you money.

NiCd Battery Seminar NiCd Battery Seminar

A wonderful article with a great deal of insight into NiCds from Red Scholefield, a long-time professional in the battery industry.

Radio Interference Radio Interference

An article by Max Feil which explains the issues involved in trying to minimize both radio frequency congestion and interference problems.