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Best Price Guarantee

The Great Hobbies Price Guarantee is very simple. If a qualifying product is nationally advertised at a lower price by any Canadian Retailer, we will not only match it, but beat it by 10% of the difference!* Just show us the Canadian URL where the product is priced lower and we'll beat it!

Our best price guarantee will apply to in-stock items that a competitor is able and willing to sell for the price advertised. The price guarantee does not apply to competitors advertising that is known to be "outdated pricing", "clearance", "close-outs", "bankruptcies", or non-stocked items. The price guarantee also does not apply to prices advertised in on-line marketplaces such as Amazon, auction sites such as eBay, or 'basement' operations.

Great Hobbies will also match percentage discounts and free or discounted shipping promotions that are current, nationally advertised, that can be verified.

We do not match typographical errors in competitors' ads or websites nor will we match pricing when we know the information to be in error or outdated. Also, if the competitor has a lower price but does not offer the free shipping, we will ensure you get the best deal, however we will not necessarily give both a price beat and free shipping.

Great Hobbies will endeavour to keep our everyday advertised pricing as competitive as possible and prices are subject to change in relation to pricing from the manufacturer/supplier as well as current currency exchange conditions and federal taxation policies.

Great Hobbies will not be liable for changes in price, availability, or description of products. All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to an individual customer. Prices do not include applicable taxes. We reserve the right to modify the terms of our price guarantee from time to time.

*10% of the difference extra discount does not apply to percentage discounts or shipping discounts.