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The following are some articles we have provided to help you get better acquainted with Radio Control Hobbies.

Crankshaft Thread Size Chart Crankshaft Thread Size Chart

This chart will help you select the right spinner nut or spinner adapter nut for your engine. Many engines listed with thread sizes indicated.

Engine Care and Maintenance Engine Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your model engines, whether they are two or four strokes, is the easiest way to ensure a long enjoyable operating lifespan for them. Here we give you a few tips on just how to keep your little gem performing.

Fuel, Ask the Experts Fuel, Ask the Experts

A reprint of an article from Horizon's Ask the Experts column of Product Focus publication, May, 1996. Expert advice on model engine fuel provided by Don Nix of Powermaster.

Glow Plug Problems Glow Plug Problems

The nice people at Fox have graciously permitted us to reprint the following article from their Catalog. Perhaps it will help you if you are having problems with failing glow plugs.

Interesting Facts About Balsawood Interesting Facts About Balsawood

The nice people at Sig have graciously permitted us to reprint this very informative article from their catalog, which will tell you all about balsa.

Prop Chart Prop Chart

Use this chart to find the proper size propeller for your engine. Suitable for both two and four strokes.