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XRAY T4 2016 Spec 1/10 Touring Car Kit

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XRAY T4 2016 Spec 1/10 Touring Car Kit
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2016 All-new Specs

  • All-new chassis design
  • All-new motor mount flex system
  • All-new top deck
  • All-new rear suspension holder for ARS
  • All-new front ECS drive shafts
  • Improved traction
  • Improved steering characteristics


  • Designed for highest performance at all levels of racing
  • Chassis designed to provide maximum traction and steering
  • Reduced sensitivity to changing track conditions, giving super-consistent performance during runs
  • EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA spec compliant for stock and modified racing
  • Super easy to build, set up, maintain, and drive
  • Developed, designed and styled by Martin Hudy, manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in the world's most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility
  • Revolutionary on-road platform with the benchmark for premium quality, reliability and performance
  • Premium, professional, high-competition model racing car for the most demanding racers
  • Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state of the art Swiss and German machines
  • Premium XRAY service & support


  • Graphite chassis CNC-machined from 2.2mm premium-grade graphite material
  • Chassis specifically designed for different track conditions, giving improved traction, steering, stability, and increased cornering speed
  • Chassis has pre-drilled holes for ARS™ system
  • Chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional parts such as chassis weights, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery holder, and battery strap
  • Chassis designed specifically for brushless motors and LiPo batteries; composite battery holders prevent batteries from moving in crashes
  • Top deck allows installation of optional aluminum stand to change flex characteristics, and optional graphite steering system plate
  • Bulkheads have been strategically placed closer to the center of the chassis to improve steering, traction, and stability
  • Layshaft bulkhead allows removal of top deck attachment screws (front, rear, or both); bearing is held by layshaft bulkhead
  • Upper bulkhead clamps feature 4 optimized roll center positions
  • Front & rear bulkheads allow independent front & rear diff height adjustment and belt tension adjustment
  • 3mm super-low profile shock towers lower the CG and improve stability
  • Motor mount bulkhead is compatible with all industry-standard brushless motors
  • Centered layshaft and split bulkheads provide enhanced balance due to optimum weight distribution of the motor towards centerline, giving quicker left-right transitions
  • Motor mount bulkhead is combined with layshaft bulkhead in 1 solid piece to eliminate tweak caused by connected screws
  • Motor mount bulkhead is connected with alu motor mount plate to eliminate tweak, also offers multiple flex adjustment possibilities by adding/removing screw ahead of the nut, or by using optional post instead of the nut.
  • The motor mount plate is connected to the chassis via an M3 nut and an extra countersunk screw can be placed ahead of the nut if more reinforcement is needed, or the nut can be removed and 1 of 2 new holes can be used as extra flex adjustment options.
  • Front & rear lower bulkheads accommodate the anti-roll bar bearing mounting system


  • Kit includes both standard & ARS™ (Active Rear Suspension™) rear suspensions
  • ARS™ suspension offers great adjustment possibilities and driving characteristics
  • ARS™ suspension consists of ARS™ arms, graphite 0° C-hubs for optimal flex characteristics, hard suspension block, ARS™ suspension block, and ARS™ linkage connecting the holder to the suspension block
  • ARS™ linkage angle – adjusted by adding/removing shims on the steering block and ARS™-holder – changes the toe-in characteristics of the rear tires during chassis roll.
  • Aluminum suspension holders featuring Integrated Suspension Settings (ISS) for quick & easy suspension geometry adjustment
  • Suspension holders allow more durable mounting of the suspension arms, so the suspension geometry of the car does not change even after hard crashes
  • Suspension mounting system allows for very free arm movement, which gives higher traction, smoother driving, and improved steering
  • Suspension holder system allows suspension arms to be mounted independently from bulkheads allowing for elongated chassis flex to generate more traction
  • Independent suspension holders allow for more precise and fine set-up adjustments via different bushings
  • Rear suspension aluminum holders feature integrated toe-in
  • C-hubs available optionally in standard caster angles (2°, 4°, 6°); available in three hardnesses (M – medium, H – hard, G - graphite)
  • Hard front steering blocks increase steering response, decrease front tire overheating in high-traction conditions
  • Small, robust steering blocks made from special proprietary composite material, available optionally in 2 hardnesses (M – medium, H - hard), and feature 2 Ackermann positions
  • Rear uprights give increased stability; available optionally in 2 hardnesses (M – medium, H – hard)
  • Rear uprights feature integrated 0° toe-in to prevent suspension geometry changes in serious crashes
  • Arms feature innovative SFATM (Suspension Flex Adjustment), innovative and unique graphite stiffeners allow for super-quick suspension flex adjustment to easily adjust the traction of the car under various track conditions
  • Suspension arms feature integrated anti-roll bar mounts; rear arms feature 3 different anti-roll bar mounts for super-fine adjustment of the rear anti-roll bar
  • Anti-roll bar system is mounted to the bulkheads via bearings for extra-smooth movement and maximum precision, and side play is eliminated by aluminum bushings.
  • Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via simple screw adjustment… quick & easy
  • Front 1.4 mm & rear 1.3mm anti-roll bar wires included
  • Easily-adjustable wheel offset using optional wheel hubs (-0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm)


  • Lightweight middle layshaft CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum
  • 84T 48P spur gear – extra-hard material, wobble-free design
  • 38/20T (1.9) internal gearing for efficient, high-performance drivetrain
  • Premium-quality, Kevlar®-reinforced drive belts
  • C-hubs with large openings for quick & easy assembly/disassembly of the CVDs and ECS drive shafts; prevents collision of CVD or ECS drive shafts with C‑hub in serious crashes
  • Super-light drive axles have 35% less rotating mass
  • Front Extra-Strong ECS drive shafts equalize the speed between the drive shaft and the wheel. With a unique 2-piece joint between the axle and the wheel, any extreme wheel turning angle is divided into two shallower angles without joint binding. This means that regardless of the cornering speed and wheel angle, the inner wheel will not bind or vibrate. Drive through corners is more stable, more precise, and easier to drive.
  • ECS drive shafts made from world-renowned, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™; hand ground for maximum precision
  • Super-lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum rear drive shafts (50mm), hard-anodized, color-coated and laser-engraved, 38% lighter than standard drive shafts
  • Super-lightweight wheel axles manufactured from premium HUDY Spring Steel™
  • 7075 T6 aluminum wheel hubs
  • Complete set of high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings are degreased and lightly oiled for maximum efficiency, individually controlled, selected, and inspected Aluminum self-locking wheel nuts


  • Composite hubs for differentials to fit super-narrow bulkheads
  • Super-smooth, super-light maintenance-free composite gear differential
  • Adjustable gear differential stiffness via oil viscosity
  • Super-light composite Front Solid Axle with XRAY’s own smart quick-change outdrive system for easy outdrive exchange; no servicing or replacement of drive shaft blades needed, translates into reduced servicing costs


  • Servo mounting system for improved balance and elimination of unwanted tweak
  • Servo mount allows the servo to be suspended near the chassis centerline, providing better balance while eliminating tweak and allowing for additional traction
  • Steering is isolated from chassis flex, ensuring tweak-independent steering for super-precise and consistent steering characteristics
  • Servo mount and graphite servo holder are mounted to the chassis with 3 screws to eliminate the possibility of servo movement under hard crashes
  • Servo mount includes extra hole where the battery backstop screw can be mounted


  • Super-Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks for lowered CG and improved stability
  • SLP aluminum shocks have been shortened by more than 7mm to provide maximum stability under all track conditions, while reducing traction roll under high-traction conditions
  • Shock shafts are specially hardened for maximum strength
  • Foam inserts for perfect shock rebound
  • Super Short Shock Springs (4S) developed & designed for the SLP shocks
  • C2.5 springs included in the kit are shortened to fit SLP shocks and the spring rates have been optimized to provide maximum steering and traction
  • XRAY self-developed and manufactured 4S springs are manually selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics
  • Race-tested and tuned shock positions

Bumper & Body Mounts

  • Front body mounts shortened to lower CG
  • Front upper and lower composite bumper made from specially-formulated material to withstand hard impacts
  • Super low-profile foam bumper made from lightweight, high-resilience foam
  • Composite bumper upper holder brace helps to reduce chassis breakage in hard crashes

Assembly, Set-up, Support

  • Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual & supplementary sheets
  • To fully understand the set-up possibilities we recommend the legendary HUDY Set-up Book (available for download exclusively at www.hudy.net) which is loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-understand RC car set-up explanations
  • Exclusive Virtual Online Setup Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world
  • Premium, unmatched XRAY online support

Adjustment possibilities

  • Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll center, wheelbase
  • Adjustable gear differential stiffness via oil viscosity
  • Four different upper linkage positions on upper bulkhead clamps
  • Roll center height adjustment via shims on upper bulkhead clamps
  • Adjustable front and rear belt-tension control using quick-adjust system incorporated into bulkheads
  • Front and rear diff height adjustment using quick-adjust system incorporated into bulkheads
  • Adjustable HUDY aluminum turnbuckles (steering, front & rear upper links, ARS™)
  • Multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations at front and rear
  • Adjustable Ackermann and bump steer
  • Pre-drilled chassis locations for optional chassis weights in center of chassis
  • Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Chassis pre-drilled holes for weight balance adjustment


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