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Kadet LT-25

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Kadet LT-25
$169.99 CAD    
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63 in
724 sq in
Wing Area:
50.25 in
4 to 4½ lbs
4-Ch, 4-Servo
.25-.32 cu in
Engine 2C:
.20-.26 cu in
Engine 4C:

  • Light weight all-wood construction with laser-cut parts
  • Easy-to-build interlocking balsa fuselage
  • Pre-shaped leading edges, trailing edges, and control surfaces
  • Formed Aluminum main landing gear
  • Complete pushrods, hardware, Easy Hinges, engine mount, and decals
  • CAD drawn, full-size plans and photo-illustrated instruction book
  • It's the smallest "full-house" 4-channel KADET we've ever produced, with ailerons, elevator, rudder, and throttle control standard.
  • It has a taildragger landing gear! In the interest of keeping the flying weight of this little gem as light as possible, we've elected to go with the simplicity of a tail dragger landing gear. With a wide-stance main gear and shallow angle of attack on th
  • Last, but not least, it's the first SIG Kadet that is all laser cut! The CAD drawn plans and CNC (computer controlled) laser cutter insure the parts fit perfectly. You've never built a kit that went together this good.

Since its introduction 2 years ago, the SIG KADET LT-40 has become the R/C trainer of choice at many club fields. Not long after it's introduction, we started getting requests for a smaller version of the same airplane. So here it is—a compact version of the LT-40—the new SIG KADET LT-25. As you would expect, the new LT-25 inherits all the same gentle flying characteristics of the other legendary SIG KADETS. It has the same light wing loading, which allows it to fly slow enough to give the student pilot time to think and react. It has the same "hands off" stability on all axis. If the student pilot gets disorientated, simply let go of the sticks and the LT-25 will recover and return to level flight within seconds.

This model requires a 4-channel radio system with four servos and a 2-cycle .25 to .32 or 4-cycle .20 to .30 engine.

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