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Real Flight Add-Ons Vol I

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Real Flight Add-Ons Vol I
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  • Thirteen new airplanes including the Giant Aeromaster, Big Stik, Bonanza, Cap 232, Cessna, Corsair, Piper J-3 Cub, Extra 300S, Easy Sport 60, Learjet, Patriot, Super Sportster, AT-6 Texan, and TwinStar
  • Seven new flying fields including a Full-Size Airport, Weekend Playground, Super Stadium, Mars, Desert Star, RealFlight University, and Smokey Mountains
  • Editable 3D Terrain
  • Compatible with RealFlight version 3.5 and earlier.

RealFlight Add-ons expands the capabilities of your RealFlight Simulator. It will work with all versions of RealFlight.

If you enjoy the incredibly authentic R/C simulation that RealFlight offers, wait till you see what RealFlight Add-Ons can do! This exciting group of additional features takes the simulation to a new level, giving you more flying fields, the ability to alter many aspects of the terrain and your surroundings, and more than double the airplanes to pilot.

The excellent photo and computer-generated graphics, the Doppler-correct, CD-quality stereo sound, the literally hundreds of possible parameter settings available . . . they're all still here. But Add-Ons will give you an incredible amount of added variety.

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly on Mars? With Add-Ons, you can! Using actual satellite photos and 3D terrain data from NASA's Viking surveyor, you can fly through and over the deep trenches, craters and gorges of the Red Planet. Or pilot your aircraft over the rugged terrain of the Smoky Mountains, draped in fog if you wish.

There's a scenario that lets you fly over a desert at dusk, the sun setting on the horizon and the stars emerging. Other flying sites include a football stadium, a school playground, a full-size airport and a university campus.

If you select a "Fantasy Flight" environment, Add-Ons gives you the capability to alter your surroundings. Change the height and width of the mountains, or vary the density and color of the fog. Choose scattered clouds; make the sky completely overcast; or eliminate the clouds altogether — you control all of the atmospheric conditions.

With Add-Ons, your biggest problem may be deciding which type of plane to fly. You can choose from 13 different instantly recognizable designs such as the CAP 232, TwinStar™,, Corsair, Extra 300, Patriot, Beechcraft Bonanza, and Learjet. With default settings, it'll fly just as it would "right out of the box" — or you can customize an amazing number of aircraft characteristics, such as engine type, prop size, airfoil shape, center of gravity, etc. — and RealPhysics™ will automatically compute the plane's change in performance.

RealFlight Add-Ons: Adds to the realism . . . adds to the fun!

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