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Escapade MX 30cc/EP ARF

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Escapade MX 30cc/EP ARF
$469.99 CAD    
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80 in
1184 sq in
Wing Area:
25-27 oz/ft²
Wing Loading:
67 in
4 or more Channels
Radio Requirements:
5-9 Servos
Servo Requirements:
30-35 cc
2-Stroke Engine Requirements:
Brushless Motor Requirements:
ESC Requirements:
Two 18.5V 5000mAh LiPo
Battery Requirements:


Designed for 30-35 cc gasoline and electric power, the Escapade MX is a sport pilot's dream come true. Not only does it handle low-speed maneuvers and high-speed aerobatics with equal authority, its low parts count and self-aligning tail surfaces help keep assembly time to a minimum.

Compatible with 63-62-250kV brushless motors like the RimFire 1.60, the Escapade MX executes snap rolls, stall turns, inverted flight and every move in between. A high-visibility MonoKote trim scheme, painted fiberglass parts and prehinged control surfaces maximize convenience — while minimizing work!

  • Exciting aerobatics with gasoline or brushless electric power.
  • Low parts count for fast, straightforward assembly.
  • Two-piece wing simplifies construction and transport.
  • Aluminum spinner and pilot figure included
  • A factory-applied MonoKote trim scheme reduces assembly time while adding eye-catching looks.
  • Expect solid sport performance, whether you use gasoline or electric power.
  • The Escapade MX's battery hatch attaches easily with thumbscrews for added security. No tools necessary!
  • Convenient, removable wing panels make it easy for pilots to store and transport the 30 cc-size Escapade MX.
  • A fiberglass cowl and wheel pants complement the Escapade MX's built-up, all-wood construction and colorful trim scheme.
  • A spacious radio compartment provides instant access to onboard gear and LiPo batteries.
  • To save time, the tail surfaces automatically self-align and the control surfaces come prehinged.


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          This is the Radio Controlled, Electric or Gasoline Powered           
Almost Ready to Fly Escapade MX Sport Airplane from Great Planes.

FEATURES: Construction: Balsa and ply
Wing: Two-piece with carbon wing joiner
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Covering: Top Flite MonoKote
Cowl: Painted fiberglass
Canopy: Clear, painted pilot figure
Wheel Pants: Painted fiberglass
Spinner: 3.25" (82mm) aluminum, polished natural finish
Landing Gear: Main, two-piece prebent aluminum 3.5" (89mm) diameter
foam wheels, 1.5" (38mm) diameter foam tailwheel
Fuel Tank: 14oz (420cc)
Motor Mount: Plywood
Engine Mount: Plywood

INCLUDES: ARF Escapade MX with Landing Gear, Wheels, Cowl, Wheel Pants, Decals,
Spinner, Pilot Figure, Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: Radio: At least 4-channels
Servos: 5-9
24" Servo Extensions: Two
6" Servo Extensions: Two
Y-Harnesses: Two
Receiver Battery: At least 1300mAh
Electric Power;
Brushless Motor: 63-62-250kV Great Planes RimFire 1.60 recommended
ESC: 80A
LiPo Batteries: Two 18.5V 5000mAh
Propeller: 18x8
Battery Charger: To match selected LiPo batteries
Charging bag, building & field equipment
Gasoline Power;
Engine: 1.8-2.1 cu in (30-35 cc) gasoline engine
Propeller: To match selected engine
Servo: Standard size and torque for throttle, additional servo
required if cchoke is used
Ignition Battery: 6V, at least 1300mAH
Building and field equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 80" (2030mm)
Wing Area: 1184 sq in (76.4 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 25-27 oz sq ft (76-82 g sq dm)
Length: 67" (1700mm)
Weight: 12.75 - 13.75lbs (5780 - 6230g)
Center of Gravity (CG): 4-7/16" (113mm) - 5-1/8" (130mm) back from
the leading edge of the wing measured at the fuselage
Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
Elevator up/down: 7/8" (22mm) 13 5/8" (16mm) 9
Rudder right/left: 2" (51mm) 19 1-3/4" (44mm) 17
Ailerons up/down: 3/4" (19mm) 17 1/2" (13mm) 12
Flaps down: 7/8" (22mm) 20
Mix in approximately 5/16" (8mm) down elevator with the flap
This reduces balloning when flaps are applied

COMMENTS: Following are the Top Flite MonoKote colors used to cover this model
and order numbers for 6' rolls
Jet White, TOPQ0204 Dove Gray, TOPQ0211
Black, TOPQ0208 True Red, TOPQ0227

If a replacement fuel tank is needed, the Sullivan 14oz Flextank
(SULQ1742), or the DuBro 14oz Square Fuel Tank (DUBQ0214) may be
used. Some trimming and modification may be required.

jxs 02/27/15
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