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Siren ARF EP Hotliner

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Siren ARF EP Hotliner
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Sport Spinner/Prop Siren ARF 
Brushless Spinner Siren EP ARF 
79 in
492 sq in
Wing Area:
38.5 in
9.1 oz/ft²
Wing Loading*:
32.5 oz
3 to 4-Ch, 3-Micro Servo

  • Lower parts count
  • Bolt-on horizontal stabilizer
  • Carbon-reinforced wing
  • Factory-hinged ailerons and elevators
  • Pre-covered using high-quality iron-on polyester film
  • Fuselage includes motor mount and all internal wood structures already in place

R/C "Hotliners" originate in Europe and generally are electric aircraft with "T" tail configurations and flat wings. They fly much like powered gliders. But Hotliners can also climb straight up into the sky, plummet downward after cutting motor power, pull out of their dives just above the runway. High paced R/C you're going to want to try!

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         This is the Great Planes Electric Powered, Radio Controlled           
Almost Ready-to-Fly Siren T-Tail Airplane.

FEATURES: Construction: Carbon fiber fuselage for high strength and low weight,
motor mount and formers constructed of plywood
Wing: one piece, built-up, factory covered, carbon reinforced
Tail: built up T-tail design
Covering: Iron on polyester film
Motor Mount: pre-installed, wood construction
Radio Compartment: pre-installed, wood construction
Hardware: included

INCLUDES: Carbon fiber fuselage, main wing, tail section, aileron servo covers
hardware package, decal sheet and instruction manual

REQUIRES: Radio: 3 channel minimum (aileron, elevator, throttle)
Servos: 3 micro or nano size with at least 16 oz-in torque
(two aileron servos and one elevator servo)
Servo extensions: three 24" extensions required - HCAM2200
Y-Harness: one required - HCAM2500
Electric Motor: T-600 Brushed motor or 480 geared
Brushless motor
Electronic Speed Control: 30A for Brushed motor or
40 amp for brushless motor
Battery Brushed Motor: 7-8 cell 2000mAh NiMH
Battery Brushless Motor: 10-cell 2000mAh NiMH
Battery LiPo: See comments
Propeller Brushed Motor: 8x4 folding (GPMQ1650)
Propeller Brushless Motor: 13x7 folding (APCQ4357 and APCQ4390)
Spinner Brushed Motor: included with folding prop (GPMQ1650)
Spinner Brushless Motor: (GPMQ1651)
Building and Field Equipment:

SPECS: Wingspan: 79" (2005mm)
Length: 39" (980mm)
Wing Area: 430 sq in (27.7sq dm)
Weight Range: 2.25 - 2.5 lb (1020 - 1130 g)
Wing Loading: 12 - 13 oz (37 - 40 g/sq dm)

COMMENTS: In addition to NiMH batteries, Lithium batteries can be used to
power both power systems of the Siren ARF. Using Lithium batteries
will increase your flight times substantially while decreasing the
final weight of the model slightly. The following are the
recommended Lithium batteries for the Siren ARF.

Brushed Sport Package
This power system requires two 7.4V 1500 mAh batteries wired in
parallel for a 2S-2P configuration. Required for this is:
Two Great Planes Lithium-Polymer packs
Two W.S. Deans 2-Pin Ultra Plugs WSDM3001
One W.S. Deans Wet Noodle Flex Wire WSDC1410

Brushless Option One
This power system requires two 11.1V 1500mAh LiPo batteries
wired in parallel for a 3S-2P configuration. This configuration
will deliver slightly less performane than the 10-cell NiMH pack,
but the run time will be increased to 5-6 minutes. Required is:
Two Great Planes LiPo 1500mAh 11.1V 3-cell pack
Two W.S. Deans 2-Pin Ultra Plugs WSDM3001
One W.S. Deans Wet Noodle Wire WSDC1410

Brushless option 2
Four 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo batteries wired in series and parallel
for a 4S-2P configuration. This configuration will deliver the
highest performance and 4-5 minutes of run time. Required is:
Four Great Planes LiPo 1500mAh 7.4V 2-cell packs
Four W.S. Deans 2-Pin Ultra Plugs WSDM3001
One W.S. Deans Wet Noodle Flex Wire WSDC1410

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