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Funtana 300 Electric ARF

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Funtana 300 Electric ARF
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32 in
251 sq in
Wing Area:
30 in
7.5 – 8 oz
Park 300 1380 Kv
Motor (required):
6 channel, 4 super sub-micro servos
Radio (required):
APC 8x3.8 slow flyer
Prop Size:
10 Amp Brushless
3-cell 730mAh Li-Po
Battery (recommended):

  • Stronger and lighter built-up fuselage comes finished right out of the box for faster assembly
  • Genuine laser-cut 3mm Depron foam construction for strength, stiffness and durability with minimum weight
  • Prebuilt carbon pushrods make rigging the model simple and quick
  • Designed for E-flite’s Park 300 brushless outrunner motor
  • Extremely light weight makes it capable of slow and predictable precision flight

The Funtana 300 ARF is a lightweight, flat-foam model with improved stability and strength over other similar designs in the market. Compared to its competition, the Funtana 300 is easier to assemble and utilizes high-quality construction and manufacturing techniques so this plane can be flight ready in as little as 3 hours. Contributing to the Funtana’s extraordinary performance is its lightweight Depron foam construction and carbon fiber support rods, setting a new industry standard for quality, durability and performance. Spend less time building, this model comes with the pre-built carbon pushrods ready for installation. This model is capable of both indoor and outdoor sport flying with the built-up fuselage it is sturdy enough to be flown outdoors in up to 10 mph winds.

This lightweight, durable plane is capable of aerobatic performance and with the installation of the included (optional), Side Force Generators the pilot will experience enhanced control in high-alpha knife-edge flight. Its lightweight design is focused around E-flite® Park 300 Brushless Outrunner Motor (EFLM1150), with great power-to-weight ratio for top aerobatic performance. The Funtana is for those pilots looking for a lightweight, durable indoor/outdoor foamie that excels in aerobatic flight and is easy to assemble, its capabilities are sure to impress sport flyers everywhere.

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