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T-Rex 600EFL Pro w/Motor/CF Blades

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T-Rex 600EFL Pro w/Motor/CF Blades
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1347 mm
Rotor Span:
260 mm
Tail Rotor:
340 mm
1160 mm
2290 g
7-channel or more helicopter system
Radio Requirements:
7-channel or more
Receiver Requirements:
4 digital servos
Servo Requirements:
Gyro Requirements:
Castle ICE HV 80 Brushless ESC
ESC Requirements:
6S Li-Po 2600 ~ 4600mAh X2
Battery Requirements:
600MX Brushless Motor(510KV)
Motor (included):

  • High quality 5mm carbon rod and CNC metal tail scissor control arms are used in rudder control system to improve rudder locking and control effectiveness.
  • Ergonomically designed H-shaped electronic mount to provide flexible organization or equipment, and minimize wire clutter.
  • Brand new CNC machined metal tail gear box, with thicker side plates to increase rigidity. The more streamlined design also allows for simpler disassembly.
  • Utilizes highest spec CNC modue-1 helical main gear, with highest load tolerance and lowest noise.
  • Utilize direct link CCPM swash plate control system to enable direct and fast control response. Specially designed anodized CNC servo horns are not only visually pleasing, but are extremely rigid.
  • Heatsink embedded into motor mount for effective cooling of motor.
  • Motor mount consists of third bearing block to provide motor shaft support, effectively reduce torque induced shifts, and minimize gear striping issue.
  • The most optimal motor pinion ratio and tail gear ratio to achieve the most efficient power output and flight characteristic.
  • Brand new 600 class 12S high voltage brushless motor providing generous torque and power output, yet consumes lower average current to prolong the life of batteries.
  • Top mounted motor base bringing the motor’s center of gravity closer to rotating disc, improving 3D agility.
  • Innovative sliding battery tray rails embedded into the 3K side frames, with patented spring loaded latching mechanism, allowing for quick battery access as well as battery protection.
  • The frame utilizes 2mm carbon fiber plates of the highest spec. Patented composite material construction technique cleverly utilize frame space that improved overall rigidity, and also created a minimalistic beauty.
  • New aerodynamically efficient low drag flybarless head assembly,with detachable blade grip pitch arm for ease of maintenance.
  • Additional radial bearing is added to the one way bearing block to ensure smooth rotation, and eliminate jammed one way bearing.
  • Tail pitch mechanism equipped with high precision bearing.
  • High speed thrust bearings in tail blade grips.
  • New lightened landing gear assembly with lower center of gravity.
  • High quality painted fiberglass canopy with 4-point quick release mounts.
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