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Metallic Gold 4oz

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Metallic Gold 4oz
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Metallic base coat colors which cover as a semi-opaque.

Best applied over 4001 Sealer White or 4002 Sealer Dark. Full coverage requires 3 – 4 coats over sealer base.

Lighter colors are best applied over 4001 Sealer White. Except for 4330 & 4331 Metallic Whites, all Metallic Colors may also be applied over 4002 Sealer Dark for a darker hued color with more reflection. 4340 Metallic Midnight Blue is best applied over 4002 Sealer Dark. Apply 4332 Metallic Silver over either Sealer Dark or a grey sealer made by mixing Sealer White & Dark.

Metallic Colors make excellent bases for 4600 Series Candy Colors. 4331 Metallic White (coarse) is used for many of the lighter 4600 Series Candy-Pigment color references.

4330 & 4331 Metallic Whites are a blue-cast metallic white. For a clean, white pearl, use 4001 Sealer White top-coated with 3 – 4 coats of 4501 Hot Rod Sparkle White. Metallic Burnt Orange has a weaker covering strength than other Metallic Colors. Applying over a tinted sealer base made by mixing 4001 Sealer White with either 4205 Flame Orange or 4233 Transparent Orange greatly improves coverage.

Spray-Gun:1.2mm tip
Mini-Spray Gun:0.8 - 1.0mm tip
Airbrush:0.35mm or larger
Reduce: Spray-gun:@ 10% per volume with 4011 Flash Reducer
Airbrush:@ 30% per volume or more with 4011 Flash Reducer

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